Windy wild Wednesday for many regions (+2 Wind Maps)

Wednesday is not the flashest days this week. About 70% of NZ will be colder than average while gales will impact the North Island and upper South Island.

It's all part of a rough spring set up this week which will see wintry weather spreading nationwide for a time, along with a surge of wind and rain - plus snow on the mountains. And in spring style it's warmer, sunnier, by Saturday.

Westerlies to dominate rest of October, possible Labour Weekend blast too (+3 Maps)

Westerly quarter winds will dominate New Zealand for the rest of the month - but we do have at least three influential low pressure systems. says an uptick in high pressure north of NZ and over eastern Australia will help push westerly quarter winds over New Zealand, somtimes mild nor'westers or westerlies, other times colder sou'westers.

Low pressure covers North Island but centred over Northland for much of today (+9 Maps)

It was a wet and windy night in the upper North Island now wind and rain is moving across the rest of the island and some of the upper South Island as the low very slowly moves in.

Northern low to bring patches of gales and rain next few days (+4 Maps)

A low from the sub-tropics is deepening quickly today as it moves into the upper North Island. Following a calm weekend easterly quarter winds are already picking up and will increase across the day and night.

As the low moves in the wind direction will change slightly which may see some areas become more sheltered while others get stronger gusts.

Typhoon Hagibis now departing Japan - Latest forecast & tracking (+4 Maps)

Typhoon Hagibis made landfall Saturday night in Japan and is now already exiting the nation, but more severe weather is likely today before finally clearing tonight.


  • Central Pressure is 975 hPa

Typhoon Hagibis makes direct aim for Tokyo as it makes landfall in Japan

Updated 12:20am Sunday NZDT, 8:20pm Saturday JST --- A major disaster is expected over both the coastal and inland areas of the Pacific side of eastern & northern Japan as Typhoon Hagibis bears down.
Hagibis could be a recor

VIDEO: NZ has a sub-tropical storm on Monday and Tuesday

Recorded Friday -- We have New Zealand’s forecast and we are tracking a sub-tropical low in the upper North Island this Monday. It has potential for severe weather and is one to monitor.

We are also tracking Typhoon Hagibis as it heads towards Tokyo, Japan with a special in-depth update as the storm approaches there this weekend.

Typhoon Hagibis aiming for Japan, Rugby World Cup to be affected (+Maps)

A serious storm is bearing down on Japan. Typhoon Hagibis currently has wind gusts up to 315km/h out over the Pacific Ocean. Winds are sustained around 260km/h at the moment.

By the time the storm approaches Tokyo on Saturday sustained winds will be down to 195km/h and reducing even further as it loses typhoon status - but still will be a very significant storm.

VIDEO: Sub-tropical low next week may create severe weather for northern NZ

We are monitoring two lows, the first is a large but stalled low in the Tasman Sea the other is a second possibly more aggressive low early next week in northern NZ.

The Tasman Sea one will bring more heavy rain to the West Coast today and is helping create wintry conditions again around Southland and Otago - until Saturday.

Sub-tropical low next week may bring severe weather (+2 Maps)

Another low that will quickly deepen overnight Sunday and into Monday may bring severe weather to the upper North Island early next week but it's still too early to lock in.