Australia: Severe storms hit SE Queensland

Brisbane has been hit by a severe thunderstorm for the second time in three days.

Intense thunderstorms developed over southeast Queensland on Friday afternoon, with multiple severe storm cells moving from south to north across areas including the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Updated: Rain, snow and wind maps (x5) next few days

Heavy rain continues on the West Coast and blustery winds in some areas as low pressure in the Southern Ocean moves closer.

We have the latest on future rainfall and where that rain will fall as snow.

The cold front is moving up the entire country on Sunday with a cooler change of air moving in for Monday in most regions.

Weekend thunder, a West Coast deluge and a brief cool change Monday (+8 Maps)

Over 200mm of rain is coming for parts of the West Coast in just a day, double that over the weekend. Meanwhile northern NZ may have thunderstorms as more sub-tropical warmth spreads down over the island ahead of a cold front on Sunday.

VIDEO: Smoke from Australia, a West Coast deluge and a Monday cool change

Our video this weekend is packed full of info as we track the raging Australian bush-fires and the huge smoke plume being generated across the Tasman Sea and parts of New Zealand.

We’re tracking the West Coast deluge as another 300mm+ is forecast for some areas with spillover into Lake Wanaka which is already flooding.

No video today - so here are 14 weather maps instead!

Apologies but we have no weather video update today, instead we have plenty of infographics and weather maps to look at covering up until Monday as this big low in the Southern Ocean finally moves in.

There is some severe weather to monitor:

Southern Ocean storm intensifies, to briefly drift away before returning (+5 Maps)

The huge storm in the Southern Ocean near New Zealand and Tasmania will continue to deepen and intensify over the next 24 hours - but oddly in NZ our weather will ease a bit in most regions for a time. It's a bit of one step forwards one step backwards for the storm which will drift westwards back away from us over the next day or so, before moving back in.

VIDEO: Southern Ocean Storm - We track severe weather but also who misses out

In detail we track the journey of this storm in the Southern Ocean explaining why not everyone has severe weather and focusing on those who truly do have severe weather risks.

The storm is still intensifying but on Thursday drifts a little further away from NZ meaning winds and rain do ease back for a time for those who have it.

Southern Ocean storm: 9 Latest Maps + Forecast

Up to 250mm has fallen in some parts of the Southern Alps in just the past 24 hours and over the next few days another 250mm is coming. Today is likely to be the windiest day nationwide but the winds are warm, pushing much of the country above normal temperature-wise today and the whole country will again be above normal tonight.

Big doesn't always mean bad for everyone as Southern Ocean storm forms (+3 Maps)

UPDATED 7:51am Monday --- A huge area of low pressure is forming in the Southern Ocean creating a large storm which will span thousands of kilometres in diameter and brush New Zealand and south eastern Australia. It will affect our weather for about seven full days.

The storm itself won't directly cross NZ, but it's so large in size it can't help but swipe us.

VIDEO: A cooler Friday for some, stormier next week in the south

NZ remains warmer than normal but on Friday a cooler change moves up the eastern South Island dropping temperatures in coastal areas by over 12 degrees.

This weekend we see a few heavy downpours inland with possible thunder.