Video: Severe Cyclone Owen aims for Queensland, while NZ has more thunderstorms

Cyclone Owen has reached ‘severe’ category 3 status and may reach 4 before making landfall in northern Australia and then tracking, unusually, down through Queensland coming in from the north west.

Unusual Cyclone Owen now 'severe', flooding for Australia likely but storm unlikely to directly affect NZ (+6 Maps)

Cyclone Owen is now a Severe Category 3 Tropical Cyclone and Australian forecasters say it may peak at Category 4 today before making landfall in northern Australia and then sliding down the Queensland coast as a significant rain event.

Cyclone Owen reforms, heavy rain coming for much of eastern Australia, likely weakens before NZ

Cyclone Owen has reformed and this time around may grow into a severe Category 3 storm before drifting back where it came and then down the eastern coastline of Australia and into the Tasman Sea area.

Daily downpours, some with thunder, next four days ahead (+4 Maps)

New Zealand is facing days of afternoon downpours, mainly inland, and this will make for a wetter than average week ahead in some places.

Weather Video: High pressure on the way, drier than average too

New Zealand is finally entering into a calmer, quieter, drier phase of weather following three very large lows over the past few weeks which have brought lightning strikes, animal deaths, flooding and plenty of rain to already drenched regions.

Continuous thunder across parts of the North Island this morning

UPDATED 9:01am --- A very active widespread area of thunderstorms is currently crossing the upper North Island, affecting Auckland and Waikato and soon Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu and Kapiti.

Some storms have generated continuous rolling thunder - especially in parts of Auckland's. 

Cyclone Owen forms - poses no current threat to NZ but remains 'one to watch'

Cyclone Owen has formed in the Coral Sea and will linger there for several days as a lower end Tropical Cyclone or tropical depression. While sea temperatures are ideal for storm growth, high pressure near the tropical storm should limit how deep the low becomes and therefore how intense the cyclone will be.

December to kick off with tropical fuelled downpours & thunderstorms

November has seen hundreds of thunderstorms across New Zealand and the start of Summer on the meteorological calender is no different.

Tropical Cyclone potential in the Coral Sea next week

A tropical depression is today deepening near the Solomon Islands and by Sunday may be a Tropical Cyclone as it moves away from the Solomon Sea and out over the Coral Sea, free from land.

Sea surface temperatures in the area are already over 30 degrees C which will allow the storm to deepen.

InfoGraphics (x6): Rain, temperatures, wind, thunder & more (Weds to Fri)

There's a lot of moving parts to the weather right now, so let's just keep this simple with mostly Maps/InfoGraphics explaining the current spring weather set up.

Basically the large low over NZ moves away on Thursday, leaving a few afternoon downpours and isolated thunderstorms inland near the main divide of both islands, then a fairly calm/dry day on Friday.