Video: A few isolated downpours in NZ this week + Cyclone Trevor for Queensland

High pressure dominates NZ’s weather this week but we will have a few drizzle patches and afternoon downpours here and there.

The week is both warmer than average and drier than average for many regions.

VIDEO: NZ’s weekend weather & outlook for next week + cyclone potential for northern Queensland

We’re tracking a large belt of high pressure in the New Zealand area and a likely tropical cyclone around the Coral Sea in our latest weather video.

With high pressure around NZ expect light winds and warm days.

NZ's big dry to get bigger and drier as high pressure blocks rainmakers (+7 & 14 day Total Rainfall Maps)

Rainmakers are definitely increasing around the New Zealand area but stubborn high pressure will continue to hold the rain clouds at sea for most (but not all) regions.