Feeling SAD? You may have the winter blues, here are some suggestions to help

Finding it hard to wake up in the mornings? Feeling a lack of energy? Feeling generally flat and down? You may be suffering from SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is quite normal to experience when our nights get long and the days short.

Updated: Rain and Snow maps for NZ (+5 Maps)

NZ is in a westerly flow this week but by the weekend rain shifts to eastern areas thanks to a new low and this spreads rain right across the country.

VIDEO: Wet weather coming next 5 days

Most parts of New Zealand have rain or showers coming over the next five days. The bulk of the rain will be on the western side of the nation but this weekend a low deepens out to our east and this encourages rain into the eastern side of the country while western areas become sunny.

Poll Results shows what most of us know - Winter doesn't feel so wintry this year

Ask someone if it feels cold in winter and they usually say yes, but this year more people are finding it warmer than normal - which matches the data.

New Zealand Accumulated Rainfall Maps for the rest of July (x3)

New Zealand is, for the most part, in a westerly flow of weather for the next couple of weeks which means rainfall totals in the west will be higher than the east. There's some healthy northern rainfall too.

Windier, wetter, week coming with spring-like weather pattern (+3 Maps)

The second week of the school holidays has a real variety of weather, mostly dominated by a windy westerly flow. NZ has a number of cold fronts coming this week with bursts of rain, strong winds, snow on the mountains and often drier and sunnier to the east.

VIDEO: Windier week with a number of cold fronts

e have quite an unsettled week of weather coming up with at least three bursts of rain and a generally windier week, especially around the North Island.

VIDEO: NZ - Strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snow and plenty of sun, dry and warmth

Talk about everything being thrown at us over the next week as a westerly surge flares up over NZ bringing a real spring/autumn like variety of weather.

Windier weather kicks in on Friday but peaks from this Sunday to next Wednesday.

Winter is 'spluttering' and time is running out for true winter to kick in (+2 Maps)

NZ may have already reached peak winter. We're now in the second week of July and in a couple more weeks you'll notice the growing daylight hours. The long range forecast supports at least two weeks of mostly westerlies, which takes us basically to August.

Southern wintry snap next week to bring some lower level snow - but only briefly (+3 Maps)

While the weather pattern is generally about to become much warmer than normal for July we do have snow in the forecast next week.

A low pressure system should track over the South Island on Monday and behind it comes a cold southerly that will see snow to low levels in the South Island - but only briefly.