72 hour Rainfall + 48 hour heavy Snowfall (x4 Maps)

Rain clouds are lining up for New Zealand as a big change comes next week to our weather pattern. While this weekend is mostly settled and dry the rain starts to increase on the West Coast and on Sunday westerly winds develop over a larger portion of the country.

VIDEO: Stormy week next week across NZ

This weekend we have high pressure bringing more warmer than average weather and sunny days but a westerly flow is forming in the South Island with clouds building.

A change is coming next week, First day of Winter likely to kick off on a stormy note (+3 Maps)

The weather pattern takes a dramatic turn next week as high pressure clears away and large windy lows move in. The first day of winter on the meteorological calendar looks wintry with perhaps the first real nationwide southerly of the year coming in.

VIDEO: Warmer days coming up but stormier weather kicks in next week

The trend of warmer than average days continues - and expands - in the days ahead, but it’s all going downhill next week with a few big Southern Ocean storms tracking by.

Winds are mostly light in NZ until Sunday when westerlies kick in, they surge more nationwide by Tuesday and Wednesday.

11,000km high pressure belt to be replaced by deep Southern Ocean low in 7 days time (+2 Maps) has today revised the width of the high pressure belt influencing NZ's weather, from 9000km to 11,000km from west to east.

VIDEO: 11,000km belt of high pressure to be replaced by huge low next week

Make the most of the calmer weather - next week is looking very different. has today revised the width of the high pressure belt currently over New Zealand and Australia and we now estimate it stretches over 11,000km from west to east.

Even warmer than average days coming up for many (+2 Maps)

An enormous belt of high pressure continues to influence New Zealand's weather and by Friday and Saturday this high transitions from being centred over the Tasman Sea to being centred over the Pacific east of us.

Gloomy weather for western NZ continues due to enormous anticyclone (+4 Cloud Maps)

UPDATED TUESDAY --- Anticyclones don't always bring sunny weather and the huge high this week is no different with gloomy weather expected across western regions in particular.

VIDEO: Enormous high this week but big low(s) next week?

The huge belt of high pressure continues to affect NZ but it’s bringing some gloomy weather to the west, sunny weather in the east and above normal daytime temperatures in both islands.

Warmer than average days, cooler nights - Temperature trends for the rest of May (+4 maps)

When it's warmer than average that doesn't mean it feels warm, but it means the temperatures are higher than they should be. That's what we have happening this week in many regions, average to warmer than average temperatures by day.