Cold snap next week in the south, temps drop over 10C, some low level snow then mild again!

Spring chaos continues next week and while temperatures this weekend are several degrees above average in many regions it will be a very different story next Wednesday and Thursday.

VIDEO: Calm weekend but a rougher spring week next week

Make the most of your weekend while the weather is settled and mild - a change is coming next week. A powerful high is covering NZ for both Saturday and Sunday but on Sunday it will start to weaken over the South Island allowing a sub-tropical flow to move in.

What a contrast: This Saturday vs next Wednesday

Spring is all about chaos and the next 7 days are a classic example with a settled weekend, a rough week next week for some, then another big high rolling back in again.

Spring Equinox is this Monday at 7:50pm... then the days become longer than nights!

The Spring Equinox is this Monday in New Zealand and it's the tipping point where we can officially say the days will now be longer than the nights. While the equinox occurs at a precise moment in time - 7:50pm this Monday for NZ - it's generally considered to be across the Monday/Tuesday period globally.

VIDEO: Huge high dominating NZ now, but a low likely next week

A powerful high is rolling in across NZ now and will linger until Monday - but then a cold front moves north and a low is likely to deepen over or near NZ bringing a burst of wind and rain, then colder sou’westers.

Cold shot for southern & eastern NZ, temperatures drop nearly 10 degs next week (+2 Maps)

Spring is all about ups and downs. Increasing hints of summer as winter slowly fades way. Next week some regions will drop 10 degrees by day as we get a classic spring cold front moving through.

September to end on a high note - October likely kicking off similar

High pressure is covering NZ right now and another big high is expected in just over a week, likely bringing a settled end to September and start to October. However in between we do have a burst of wind and rain from a low.

Warmer than average days, cooler than average nights (+4 Maps)

Some parts of NZ will again be several degrees above average today for this time of year - but the nights are helping balance the books.

VIDEO: High pressure dominates NZ - we track cloudy areas & showers

High pressure is now moving in across the country and will linger until Sunday in the South Island and Monday in the North Island.

It promises a mostly dry forecast over NZ but we do have a few showery spots in some of the coastal fringes - we let you know where.

Big high rolls in - Where will the cloudiest areas be? (+3 Maps)

High pressure systems can bring incredible sunny weather - but due to our mountains and ranges it can leave other regions cloudy. We have the latest maps tracking where the clouds will most likely be.

We also track any light showers that may be skirting some of our coastal fringes.