More snow and rain coming for NZ but the worst may be behind us now (+4 Maps)

Wednesday is the coldest day of the week for the North Island with the southerly flow firmly blowing across the day. It's a similar story in the South Island with hail showers and cold winds although conditions are easing back a little today in southern half of the island.

As we head into Thursday two things happen:

Special Weather Video: What caused the Auckland gales & what lies ahead for NZ?

It was an exceptionally rough night in Auckland with well over 150 power outages and hundreds of thousands of people left in the dark. Power remains out for a large portion of the city as we reach the middle of Wednesday.
The strong damaging winds were forecast but the level of the winds was definitely a notch higher, causing far more widespread issues.

Why did Auckland get slammed by damaging winds last night?

Damaging hurricane force winds of over 200km/h roared across Auckland last night but did weather forecasters see it coming? The answer is both yes and no.

Update: Colder change moving into northern NZ with gales peaking tonight/overnight

UPDATED 9:06pm --- Colder air continues to move northwards this evening as the centre of the low causing the extra winds makes landfall in the western Waikato / South Auckland area. The public rain radar shows the centre moving in as of now/mid evening.

Tropical Cyclone Keni now Severe Category 3 storm, will merge with NZ low (+6 Maps)

Fiji is dealing with the wind and rain from Tropical Cyclone KENI this afternoon as it is upgraded this afternoon to a "severe" Category 3 tropical storm and is now as close to Fiji's main island as it will get.

Cold change grinding northwards up NZ, more to come tonight & Wednesday (+4 Maps)

It's a cold, wet and windy day across many parts of New Zealand but the warmth is holding on to the north... for now.

As of 2pm the deepening low over the North Island was temporarily holding the southerly change from spreading further northwards, with windy but fairly warm westerlies still blowing over the top third of the country.

Special Video Update on the Antarctic Blast covering New Zealand

Heavy snow is falling, big thunderstorms are rumbling and strong winds are howling as a southerly blast fresh from the Antarctic area spreads across New Zealand.

The southerly now heads into the North Island bringing thunderstorms ahead of the change and snow showers on the ranges afterwards.

Updated: Rain and snow accumulation maps (x2)

A deepening developing low has been approaching New Zealand overnight bringing isolated thunderstorms to the western North Island, torrential downpours to the west and snow to the South Island ranges.

Why is New Zealand getting such a big cold blast? It's all to do with a high (+6 Maps)

This week is a very busy week weatherwise in the New Zealand area with a major southerly blast being the main feature but another tropical cyclone also getting into the mix.

7 MAPS detailing the incoming blast of wind, rain and snow for New Zealand:

Maps covering Snow, Wind, Rain, Cloud Cover, Thunderstorms & Temperatures over the next two days: