First fires, then floods. Now Aussies need to watch out for deadly funnel-web spiders

CNN --- Australia has already dealt with extreme fires

Australia: Rain has helped slow the bush fires, but it's far from a knockout blow

Rain across firegrounds in south-eastern Australia has slowed several blazes, but failed to provide the knockout blow authorities had hoped for.

Light to moderate falls over the past week have helped firefighters, however the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) said more than 60 blazes were still burning.

Cyclone Tino's remnants to churn up some eastern NZ beaches Monday to Wednesday (+4 Maps)

Cyclone Tino is moving closer to New Zealand and while it won't directly impact our weather it will churn up some eastern beaches.

Cyclone Tino to churn up NZ's North Island beaches next week (+6 Maps)

Tropical Cyclone Tino is approaching Fiji today, Tonga on Saturday and by early next week the storm will be an ex-cyclone near New Zealand.

In fact next week the remnants of Tino will rapidly intensify as the cyclone leaves the tropics and becomes extra-tropical. (This process shifts the core of the storm from having warm air to cold air).

Cyclone threat to Fiji & Tonga next 48 hours, threat to NZ beaches Mon & Tue (+7 Maps)

A tropical cyclone is likely to be named later today by the Fiji Met Service as the depression deepens and sets a track to Fiji, Tonga and east of NZ.

Latest guidance still suggests the storm will be developing and deepening as it crosses Fiji on Friday and Friday night with the storm likely peaking in power on Saturday as it departs Fiji and approaches Tonga.

Australia: Finally, some rain for the bushfires and drought regions (+6 Maps)

Rain clouds are building around the Australian bushfires and drought zones for Thursday, Friday and possibly the weekend too.

Fiji & Tonga brace for direct impact by potential cyclone, alert for some NZ beaches (+9 Maps)

A tropical storm is developing and forecasters expect it to become a tropical cyclone by Wednesday or Thursday with Fiji exposed to a direct hit on Friday, then Tonga this Saturday. New Zealand is unlikely to have a direct hit but the storm may influence beach conditions here creating for dangerous conditions despite the sunny weather here.

Sizeable cyclone may brush NZ in 7 days time, Fiji & Tonga more exposed

The tropics are becoming very active north of NZ with saying conditions are ideal for Tropical Cyclone formation this coming week.

Increased tropical cyclone potential north of NZ next 14 days (+3 Maps)

The tropics north of New Zealand has become quite active in recent days with plenty of rain and downpours forming right across the South West Pacific.

Australia: Some rain is coming for bushfires and droughts (x2 Rainfall Maps)

The forecast for dry Australia is more favourable than recent weeks for the bushfires. says lighter winds and increased chances of rain and showers will be in the forecast for drought stricken NSW and VIC, developing across next week and next weekend.