If you're needing rain here's what to look for heading into March (+2 Maps)

Drought zones are crying out for 'real rain' following random downpours over the weekend - now as we head to March there are signs of change to the weather pattern.

Australia: Tropical Cyclone Esther likely to form this weekend

A tropical cyclone is likely to form over the Gulf of Carpentaria this weekend before gaining strength and approaching the coast.

A tropical low that started taking shape over the Gulf on Friday will consolidate during the next 24 hours. The system is expected to become a tropical cyclone on Saturday night or Sunday morning somewhere over the central Gulf of Carpentaria.

Did you know this existed between NZ and Australia? ExCyclone Uesi is aiming for it

You may have seen Lord Howe Island on the weather maps in the Tasman Sea situated between Brisbane and Auckland (more on the Aussie side) but many people may not realise it's quite a significant spot.

Uesi now an Ex-tropical cyclone, but it's named for a reason - it could still pack a punch

Uesi is no longer a tropical cyclone, it's now an extra-tropical cyclone as it moves over the Tasman Sea - but that doesn't mean it's weakening much.

Despite the technical change, which sees tropical air that fuelled the once tropical cyclone replaced with 'cooler' air from the New Zealand / Tasman Sea area, Uesi is named for a reason - it's still a storm of significance. 

Uesi Update: Warmer Tasman Sea adds fuel to Cyclone Uesi (+Animation of storm reaching NZ)

Cyclone Uesi today moves into the Tasman Sea area and on Friday will lie between New Zealand and Australia. On Sunday it moves into the South Island of NZ with heavy rain on the West Coast and some spillover to the east.

VIDEO: Cyclone Uesi to hit South Island while North Island looking more humid

Tropical Cyclone Uesi is now over the Tasman Sea area and will be there for the next few days as it tracks southwards.

This tracking will mean it hits the West Coast of the South Island later on Sunday and lingering over Monday and Tuesday.

Cyclone Uesi on track to directly hit NZ's South Island, flooding possible (+7 Maps)

Tropical Cyclone Uesi is moving into the north Tasman Sea today and has a direct track to New Zealand's South Island with severe weather possible as early as Sunday.

Uesi remains a Severe Category 3 storm but is expected to be weaken a little over the next 24 hours. It will skirt eastern Australia but is likely to remain offshore.

VIDEO: Cyclone Uesi heading directly to NZ’s South Island by Sunday

Tropical Cyclone Uesi is clearing New Caledonia today and has its sights set on New Zealand’s South Island as early as this Sunday.

The storm is likely to bring days of rain and showers to the already saturated West Coast and lower South Island.

Sydney's heaviest rain in 30 years put out bush fires that have been burning months

CNN --- Heavy rainfall in Australia's New South Wales has forced the evacuation of several towns and the closure of more than 50 schools, but also extinguished some of the persist

VIDEO: Two tropical cyclones for NZ to monitor

Severe Tropical Cyclone Uesi is today moving into New Caledonia as forecasters eye up another area north east of Fiji which will likely see an ever larger cyclone develop later this week.

Uesi will track into the Tasman Sea in the days ahead and then flirt with Aussie’s eastern coastline.