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Australia: Wind gusts not seen in years for our neighbours in Tasmania

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A vigorous frontal system has brought some of the strongest wind gusts in several years across the Apple Island.

Winds peaked at 113km/h in Strahan, 98km/h in Yarram and 96km/h in Grove, making it the windiest day in four years for these stations in Tasmania. 

Australia: Wetter than average August for Perth

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Even though we are not yet half way through August, Perth has already recorded higher than average rainfall.

The 20.0mm of rain that fell last night tipped Perth above average.

A total of 133.0mm has been collected so far this month, as of 09:00 WST this morning, equating to about 108% of the average August rainfall.

Australia: Understanding the drought in New South Wales

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The word drought is a such an emotive word- but what does drought mean? 

NZ: Here come the westerlies - warmer than average for many once again (+4 Maps)

A cold front from the Tasman Sea is tracking towards the western side of New Zealand today after delivering a blast of wind and rain to southern Australia in recent days. The front will move onto the South Island and sweep the western side northwards to reach the North Island on Wednesday.

Heavy rainfall is expected in Westland from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

Damaging winds possible along Australia's southern coastline, weakens but reaches NZ this Tues/Weds

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A considerably large low covers the Southern Ocean south of Australia and will bring strong winds across southern coastal Australia for the next few days ahead. The main front system moves through Sunday morning and Monday, then weakens somewhat as it crosses the Tasman Sea towards New Zealand on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Australia / NZ: Rain returns amid favourable Southern Annular Mode (SAM)

A flurry of cold fronts will sweep across southern Australia during the next week, causing multiple bouts of rain, thunderstorms, damaging winds and snow.

While this type of weather is typical in southern Australia during winter, there has been a lack of rain-bearing system during the first two months of the season.

Monday: Aussie's big cool down but NZ still mainly milder than average (+2 Maps)

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Updated 10:44am --- Australia's run of warmer than average weather is about to briefly stop, but New Zealand has more warmer than average weather on the way.

Warmer than average in eastern Australia, but a cool down is coming (+3Maps)

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A deep trough is now passing over Australia and it's pushing temperatures up well above average, also bringing rain and wind to the south and thunderstorms too.

Scattered thunder showers have been observed under a wide and long cloud area caused by a cold front.

Damaging winds and storms for Western Australia (+4 Maps)

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A deep trough is passing through the southwestern part of Western Australia today. A well-marked cold front will sweep the area during this morning then strong winds kick in.

A short-period intense rain is forecast (30mm/h is expected) in the vicinity of the front.

Australia: Dry and warm weather set to continue in Spring, El Nino pattern developing

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Most of Australia is likely to experience a relatively dry and warm run into spring, according to the latest seasonal outlook issued by the Bureau of Meteorology on Thursday.