Australia: Finally, some rain for the bushfires and drought regions (+6 Maps)

Rain clouds are building around the Australian bushfires and drought zones for Thursday, Friday and possibly the weekend too.

Donate NZ wide for the animal victims injured in the Australian Fires

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An online Facebook Auction is now underway with NZ-wide fundraising for the Australian animal bushfire victims.

The auction officially opened for bidding Tuesday 14th and runs until 7pm Sunday 19th January 2020.

Increased tropical cyclone potential north of NZ next 14 days (+3 Maps)

The tropics north of New Zealand has become quite active in recent days with plenty of rain and downpours forming right across the South West Pacific.

Australia: Some rain is coming for bushfires and droughts (x2 Rainfall Maps)

The forecast for dry Australia is more favourable than recent weeks for the bushfires. says lighter winds and increased chances of rain and showers will be in the forecast for drought stricken NSW and VIC, developing across next week and next weekend.

Australia: Cyclone Blake forms near Broome, WA (+9 Maps)

Extensive Update: A Tropical Cyclone has been named by Australian forecasters. Tropical Cyclone Blake, near Broome, is currently Category 1 but may climb up another notch to Category 2.

This means it will likely bring some flooding and wind damage at the lower levels to the western desert side of Australia.

Auckland, upper North Island skies turn orange & gloomy as smoke from Australia arrives

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Updated 8:05pm --- Another unprecedented plume of smoke from Australia is crossing New Zealand, this time Auckland and the upper half of the North Island, where about half of NZ's population lives.

Australia: Dramatic Saturday cool down coming for Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart

It's a sweltering end to the week in southern Australia - but by Saturday some places will be 25 degrees cooler.

The hot weather is being caused by a tropical northerly flow which is today spreading right down across Australia's interior and exiting in the south over Adelaide, Melbourne and even down to Hobart.

VIDEO: Spring weather pattern with NZ right up until Christmas

We have three surges of colder weather coming for NZ. The first is today, the second is Friday and the third is next Monday.

We take a look at the forecast right up until Christmas Eve as we track airflows, rainclouds and temperatures.

NZ to miss out on Australia heatwave with temps forecast to hit 50C there

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The heatwave spreading across Australia this week is only just starting but New Zealand looks likely to miss out on the extra heat due to cooler airflows coming out of the Southern Ocean.

VIDEO: Rain clouds gather over NZ, Aussie deals with extreme heat

A low on Tuesday will bring much needed rain to both islands of New Zealand as high pressure over Australia expands bringing a heatwave.
We break down which regions in NZ are most exposed to the warm and wet airflows to kick off this week - then who is more exposed to the cooler changes.
This week in NZ will feel more spring-like with wind