Typhoon Hagibis threatens Japan this Friday & Saturday

Typhoon Hagibis is a large scale and a violent storm moving quickly northwestward at around 12kt (22kmh)
It will likely make a northeastward turn around Friday evening.

Thunderstorms cross Napier and Hastings with hail and dramatic clouds (Videos + Photos)

A band of intense thunderstorms tracked west to east across Hawke's Bay with some incredible shelf clouds appearing this afternoon.

The small but highly active front was tracking towards the sea and brought hail storms, thunder and possible squalls.

The thunderstorms and downpours affecting Hawke's Bay from about 3pm to 5pm.

Wintry blasts are normal Spring weather - but it's not Winter

"So much for spring" is a comment we get each time a cold blast comes in during spring. But spring is not summer.

Updated: Rain and Snow Accumulation Maps for next few days (+4 Maps)

With a spring blast affecting New Zealand we have wintry weather in the south and milder, windier, weather in the north.

VIDEO: Spring blast sees wintry weather for a time - warmer this weekend

We have a surge of windy weather across NZ for the next two days with cold air from the Southern Ocean dropping temperatures in most regions today and everywhere by tonight. We have a few squally showers today, some with hail and even a random isolated thunderstorm or two.

VIDEO: Wintry blast coming - we track the gales, snow and sunshine

We have a cold blast moving in nationwide for Wednesday and Thursday and while it does contain some low level snow and gale force winds there will also be some regions that remain sunny and mild - we focus on the nasty weather and those in for sun and dry.

The main event is Wednesday and into Thursday before easing.

Wintry Wednesday & Thursday - Gales, cold, snow but some still have warm sun (+11 Maps)

SPECIAL UPDATE: We have all the maps and infographics about the wintry blast moving in for Wednesday and Thursday nationwide. After several days of above normal temperatures many parts of the country will finally be below average by day (although some have just hit the reset back to normal after being so much warmer than normal recently).

Rest of September: High pressure and westerlies to dominate (+2 Long range Maps)

If you're wondering how the remainder of September is shaping up, we may have a clue: More high pressure and more westerlies. As a cooler south to south west change moves up NZ today a large high on Wednesday will start to push in from the Tasman Sea area bringing lighter, more variable winds.

Massive electrical storm over Tasman Sea stands out globally, weakens as moves into NZ

Updated 2:27am Sunday --- Thousands of lightning flashes lit up the Tasman Sea on Saturday night and on a global scale it stood out as one of the largest on earth.

Track Hurricane Dorian here via CNN's live storm tracker

The eye of Category 2 Hurricane Dorian is now brushing North Carolina USA and could make landfall. Even if no landfall it's a bad set up with the eye of the storm brushing the coastline as it tracks NE.