Move over Vicky, we now have Cyclone WASI for Samoa and Niue

Vicky is no longer a Cyclone and has been replaced by another storm in the same area - Tropical Cyclone WASI.

New Tropical Cyclone 'Vicky' hovering around Niue (+3 Maps)

A tropical cyclone has been named by the Fiji Met Service today. Cyclone VICKY is the latest South Pacific storm which is forecast to possibly Category 2 as it tracks behind another tropical depression that hit the Cook Islands this week. That other depression has removed energy that Vicky could have used to power up even more.

Tropical Cyclone struggles to form as too many cooks spoil the broth (+5 Maps)

A cyclone that was forecast to develop between Samoa and the Cook Islands earlier this week is struggling to organise itself as another tropical low forms nearby.

VIDEO: Some weekend rain coming, but also another large high

 NZ has a few showers - some heavy - on Wednesday and a few more linger into Thursday too (although more isolated).

VIDEO: Higher humidity until this week, tropical lows to NZ’s north east

We have more humidity which is making it feel warmer than it is by night and by day but it’s also producing more cloud and an increased risk of showers.

Some of these showers will become heavy inland, particularly in the North Island with some risks of thunder.

High potential for second cyclone this week in South Pacific (+8 Maps)

FULL DETAILS --- As first forecast last week another tropical cyclone is likely this week, this time to the north east of New Zealand.

EX-TC Uesi moves into NZ's South Island - 12 Maps explain it all

EX-TC “Uesi” is approaching southwestern NZ from the northwest on Sunday while strengthening temporarily - it is expected to cross over Fiordland, Westland, Otago and Southland from late Sunday to early Monday while slowly weakening. Despite the centre of the low crossing these areas most of the 'weather' is on the West Coast.

Uesi Impacts

Sunday's national forecast as ex-Cyclone Uesi moves in (+5 Maps)

Ex-tropical cyclone Uesi will today move into the South Island and will likely make landfall in Fiordland and South Westland tonight, that's when the centre is likely to cross land.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Uesi reaches NZ on Sunday - latest rainfall totals, gusts, swells (+9 Maps) has the latest rainfall outlook for the next few days across the country as ex-cyclone Uesi moves in to the South Island.

Ex-cyclone Uesi will still be a storm when it reaches NZ (+8 maps)

Uesi isn't a tropical cyclone anymore but change to the structure of the low pressure system does not mean that its power is weakening soon. In fact the storm is still likely to bring intense rain for a time, a burst of gales and dangerous seas.