Rest of September: High pressure and westerlies to dominate (+2 Long range Maps)

If you're wondering how the remainder of September is shaping up, we may have a clue: More high pressure and more westerlies. As a cooler south to south west change moves up NZ today a large high on Wednesday will start to push in from the Tasman Sea area bringing lighter, more variable winds.

Massive electrical storm over Tasman Sea stands out globally, weakens as moves into NZ

Updated 2:27am Sunday --- Thousands of lightning flashes lit up the Tasman Sea on Saturday night and on a global scale it stood out as one of the largest on earth.

Track Hurricane Dorian here via CNN's live storm tracker

The eye of Category 2 Hurricane Dorian is now brushing North Carolina USA and could make landfall. Even if no landfall it's a bad set up with the eye of the storm brushing the coastline as it tracks NE.

VIDEO: Hurricane Dorian special update + latest on NZ’s upcoming colder change

We have the latest aerial footage via CNN showing catastrophic damage to The Bahamas over the past few days as Hurricane Dorian stalled above.

We also have the latest tracking map which paints a more positive picture for the USA as Dorian starts to finally weaken.

VIDEO: 2 lows with sub-tropical connections for NZ + an update on Hurricane Dorian

New Zealand has two big lows coming towards us between now and Sunday with both tapping into sub-tropical airflows and rain.

It’'s generally good news for the North Island that, despite what some may think, does actually need much more rain to set us up nicely for the drier months of summer.

VIDEO: Windier westerlies coming, next week dominated by early spring pattern

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We have a windier change coming in behind the large low currently in the NZ area.

Colder southerly on the way, more rain coming this weekend

We have a polar southerly on the way for the next 24 hours before things do finally warm up, calm down and dry out in a number of places.

However by Friday rain returns to the West Coast and this weekend we see more rain pushing over the North Island with another colder change behind it. More snow for the ski fields is a positive.

New Maps paint more 3D picture of Wednesday's brief polar change (+4 Maps)

As forecasters that specialise in communicating the weather we always want to find maps that visually 'pop' - like these new ones from

PHOTOS (7): Large jagged hail peppers parts of Auckland and Taranaki has received several photos tonight of large jagged hail from thunderstorms that have tracked off the Tasman Sea and into Auckland. Earlier today it occured in Taranaki.

The squally weather is being produced by an enormous area of low pressure all over and around NZ.

Antarctic winds to brush NZ, dropping temperatures, some brief low snow (+2 Maps)

A big storm well south of the country is working with other lows to dredge up an Antarctic southerly on Tuesday that see some snow to low levels in the south and a brief nationwide temperature drop.