New Poll: Are your spring allergies playing up yet?

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Pine pollen has been falling across New Zealand, in both main islands, for the past few weeks as the windy early-spring westerlies arrived across the country.

The warm blustery nor'westers are especially well known for bringing red eyes, blocked noses, sneezes etc, in August and September.

Poll Results shows what most of us know - Winter doesn't feel so wintry this year

Ask someone if it feels cold in winter and they usually say yes, but this year more people are finding it warmer than normal - which matches the data.

New Poll: Do you need Rain?

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It's been a dry start to 2019 in many parts of New Zealand, but not all, with others wanting and needing some dry weather to get outdoor work done or just enjoy a more summer-like part of the holidays.

With us now going in to the peak of summer we want to know if you need rain, or if it's not even on your mind at the moment.

Here's our latest poll, please vote!

New Poll: Are you using air con yet?

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We have a warmer than average day across much of New Zealand today but have the temperatures in recent weeks been enough for you to start cranking up the air conditioning at home, in the car or in the office? 

Of course not everyone has air-con, many do not have it - but it is increasingly becoming part of New Zealand homes and businesses thanks to heat pumps.

New Poll: Are you still using heating now that it's November?

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We've seen some remarkable weather lately froms daytime highs reaching 30 degrees to snow falling to low levels and significant flooding while others are too dry under high pressure.

With temperatures bouncing around a bit we've seen a bit of a pattern of colder nights but warmer than average days in many regions.

Poll Results: Allergies don't seem as extreme this season, but still affecting many

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The latest WeatherWatch.co.nz poll has been focused on allergies and, compared to previous years, the number of people badly affected doesn't seem as high.

A drier than normal start to spring may have some role to play in this, as might the recent colder, wetter, weather. 

New Poll: How are the Spring allergies so far?

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We're at the time of year when hayfever/pollen are starting to peak and people all over the country are more likely to be affected by allergies.

Poll Results: Almost 1/3 of NZers have been sunburnt already this spring

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Spring 2018 is proving to be drier than average and warmer than average in many parts of the country and our recent poll shows that it's surprised Kiwis with almost one third who took part in our recent poll saying they have been sunburnt so far this spring.

New Poll: Have you been sunburnt so far this Spring?

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Most people know it's easy to get a sunburn in New Zealand but many may not be aware that sun burn can occur all year round.

With the warmer and drier than usual weather trending in a number of areas in recent weeks it means it's time for that heavy reminder to always slip, slop, slap and wrap.

Poll Results: Some parts of NZ need more rain as drier conditions start to show up (+Map)

Results from our recent poll and latest soil moisture maps show some parts of New Zealand are drying out a little faster than usual for this time of the year.

Around one quarter of the those who responded say conditions are now drying out and rain is needed soon.

31% say rain will be needed in the near future based on current conditions.