New Poll: Do you need rain at the moment?

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New Zealand is starting to show signs of drying out a wet start and middle to the year. It's definitely not a major concern for most regions but some pockets may be a little too dry for this time of the year.

Not everyone will agree though, with rain events recently in places like Hawke's Bay making that region wetter than average for mid September.

New Poll: How would you grade Winter 2018?

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Winter 2018 was a fairly mild one across the country with a distinct lack of southerlies and many days and nights that were warmer than normal.

There were also some pretty bleak and cold days with cloud cover or fog lasting for days.

Poll Results: Early spring sees early allergies

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Many parts of New Zealand have enjoyed early spring conditions since the end of July with some blossom already in bloom from Southland to Northland and pollen in the air, especially on the windy days (and mostly thanks to pine).

New Poll: Do you have allergies / hay fever right now?

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Sneezing fits? Red eyes? Itchy nose, eyes or throat? Blocked nose? Sore nasal passages? Headaches? Chances are you have spring allergies or hay fever.

Poll Results: NZers aren't too concerned about the short winter this year

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Many New Zealanders believe an early spring is upon us and the results from our latest online poll show most are not concerned about the warmer than average weather most regions have been experiencing lately.

The majority at 56% say the early start to spring was "awesome".

Just 27% believe it's "very concerning". 

New Poll: Is an early start to spring a good or bad thing?

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While we're still technically in winter most people who are writing in to WeatherWatch.co.nz or our social media pages are telling us spring is most definitely here early this year - as we've seen in August over previous years, as far back as 2012.

A lot of people have written to us saying this is great news and they embrace a warmer August and earlier start to spring.

Poll Results: This winter isn't so frosty, compared to normal

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The results of our recent poll aren't very surprising, with most people saying frosts this winter have been lighter or in lower numbers.

Over 54% of those who took part in our poll selected the middle answer "Not as many frosts, lighter than normal".

Almost 21% said it was just as frosty as previous years while 7% are still waiting for a frost that they usually have.

Poll Results: 20% of Kiwis say they live in a 'very' or 'fairly' damp, cold or even mouldy home

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In winter we get long dark nights, colder winds and more rain. The combination can make for damp homes which leads to a number of problems from damage to your home and interior to health problems and illnesses in humans.

New Poll: How damp & cold is your home this winter?

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Most regions have had a lot of wet weather across Autumn and the start of winter and now that we're in the middle of the solar winter (the 3 months of the year of the least amount of available sunlight) our homes are colder too.

Less sunshine to warm your home, longer nights for the warmth in your home (or the ground around your home) to escape into the atmosphere.

Poll Results: Please, give us more sun!

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How desperately do you need sunny or dry weather? The results of our latest poll says one thing loud and clear: Give us dry, sunny, weather!

The poll, which has been active for over a week, showed a definite leaning towards dry weather - which isn't surprising considering almost every single region in New Zealand is wetter than average right now.