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Monday's weather outlook

A northwesterly airflow lies over New Zealand on Monday, sandwiched between a large low in the south Tasman Sea and an anticyclone to the northeast in the Pacific.

Every part of NZ warmer than average for Sunday (+2 Maps)

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A departing high pressure system, increasing west to north west winds and sub-tropical breezes will all today combine to make a warmer than average day in every part of NZ.

Sunday's national forecast

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Westerly breezes kick in for two thirds of New Zealand today and when morning fog clears it will help make for a mostly sunny, warmer than average day in many parts of the country.

The flip side is that cloud, rain and showers starts to move in to western regions.

72 hour Rainfall + 48 hour heavy Snowfall (x4 Maps)

Rain clouds are lining up for New Zealand as a big change comes next week to our weather pattern. While this weekend is mostly settled and dry the rain starts to increase on the West Coast and on Sunday westerly winds develop over a larger portion of the country.

InfoGraphic: The Big Picture for Saturday / Sunday

A ridge of high pressure lies over the North Island on Saturday, northwesterlies further south. A similar pattern for Sunday.

Saturday's national forecast

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High pressure for the North Island today, a northwesterly airflow lies over the South Island.

Northland, Auckland, Waikato & Bay Of Plenty
Mostly sunny, there may be some fog morning and night especially about inland areas. The Bay Of Plenty sees areas of cloud, perhaps even a shower or two at times. Light winds.

VIDEO: Stormy week next week across NZ

This weekend we have high pressure bringing more warmer than average weather and sunny days but a westerly flow is forming in the South Island with clouds building.

A change is coming next week, First day of Winter likely to kick off on a stormy note (+3 Maps)

The weather pattern takes a dramatic turn next week as high pressure clears away and large windy lows move in. The first day of winter on the meteorological calendar looks wintry with perhaps the first real nationwide southerly of the year coming in.

InfoGraphic: The Big Picture for Friday / Saturday

Mainly anticyclonic over New Zealand today, conditions are mostly settled but there will be areas of cloud about for some. Eastern regions get the best weather. A northwesterly airflow starts to make inroads over the South Island on Saturday.

Friday's national forecast

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An anticyclone brings mainly settled weather to New Zealand today, mainly settled doesn't always mean cloud free though, more details in the forecast below.

Northland, Auckland, Waikato & Bay Of Plenty