Big temperature tumble coming, some drop 10 degrees by Saturday (+3 Maps)

A winter blast is coming this weekend and it will hack daytime temperatures back by as much as 10 degrees compared to this week.

First winter blast of the year coming, rain snow and gales (+8 Maps)

The first grunty southerly of the year is coming our way, but not before days of windy warm westerlies and West Coast rain. 

VIDEO: Wintry blast coming for all of NZ - peaks this long weekend

This week kicks off warmer than average with rain setting in to the West Coast and windy westerlies also setting in. By Friday those winds turn cold with snow falling to just a few hundred metres in the South Island and a significant nationwide temperature drop by the start of the long weekend.

A change is coming next week, First day of Winter likely to kick off on a stormy note (+3 Maps)

The weather pattern takes a dramatic turn next week as high pressure clears away and large windy lows move in. The first day of winter on the meteorological calendar looks wintry with perhaps the first real nationwide southerly of the year coming in.

VIDEO: Warmer days coming up but stormier weather kicks in next week

The trend of warmer than average days continues - and expands - in the days ahead, but it’s all going downhill next week with a few big Southern Ocean storms tracking by.

Winds are mostly light in NZ until Sunday when westerlies kick in, they surge more nationwide by Tuesday and Wednesday.

2 million people are at 'high' risk for catastrophic tornadoes in parts of Oklahoma and Texas

For the first time in two years, forecasters have issued their most dire warning for the risk of catastrophic tornadoes.

Animation: The two extreme sides of calm highs

Most of us know the centre of high pressure is often calm and settled but the outer edges can be stormy and today that is highlighted well with a tropical cyclone on the northern fringes and an active Autumn cold front on the southern edge of high pressure.

VIDEO: Detailed update on Cyclone Ann for Queensland, plus NZ’s forecast to Sunday

Cyclone Ann is going to make landfall in northern Queensland on Wednesday as a Category 1 tropical cyclone, or very near that strength. It means Ann is more of a sea and rain event than a wind event - although winds may be strong enough to cause some lower end damage to trees and buildings.

Cyclone Ann to make landfall in Queensland on Wednesday, we have full details (+7 Maps)

Tropical Cyclone Ann is located over the Coral Sea and continues to churn westwards directly towards the northern Queensland coastline with landfall expected on Wednesday. says Ann remains a Category 1 cyclone with low end damaging winds, heavy rain and dangerous seas.

VIDEO: Cyclone Ann forms in the Coral Sea, while NZ has a ‘typical’ Autumn week ahead

We have an out of season tropical cyclone in the Coral Sea called Ann which formed over the weekend. The tropical storm poses no threat to New Zealand but is expected to track westwards into northern Queensland as a weakened tropical low later this week.