Video: More downpours and isolated thunderstorms ahead of even bigger low coming our way

Another burst of rain is coming towards Dunedin today while in the north more heavy downpours with isolated thunderstorms continue. While the risk for thunderstorms is low to moderate today, they should be fairly random/isolated. A few have already developed today in the upper North Island.

This weekend more downpours are coming - but so too are long dry spells.

PHOTOS (x2): Waterspouts spotted in Hauraki Gulf just offshore from Auckland City

Isolated downpours continue to affect parts of the Auckland region with an early evening thunderstorm near Rangitoto Island creating waterspouts (a tornado over water).

The weak waterspouts connected from the clouds to the water with two remarkable photos captured by Jo Ottey Photography clearly showing the sea water being sucked up.

Severe gales and heavy rain possible this weekend as spring finally wakes up (+2 Maps)

We have a spring blast for the first weekend of November and severe weather warnings may be issued. says high pressure will remain to the north of the country this weekend while deep air pressure remains around the Southern Ocean, placing New Zealand directly in a severe squash zone of air pressure - in other words, a blast of strong winds are coming.

Weather Video: Big Spring blast coming this weekend

The weather nationwide hasn’t been too rough lately with very few severe weather warnings issued so far this spring - but that might change this Saturday and Sunday as a blast of gale to severe gale westerlies moves in along with heavy, slow moving, rain on the West Coast.

Cat 5 hurricane wipes entire Hawaiian island off the map, may impact endangered species

Hawaii's East Island is no longer on the map. The island, located about 885 kms northwest of Honolulu, is part of a chain of small island groups in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.

Video: Fri/Sat look wintry across NZ, Hurricane Michael makes landfall in USA

Thursday is a brief ‘breather day’ before the next main burst of wintry southerlies hits the lower South Island, then spreads up the island for the remainder of Friday and then nationwide overnight and into Saturday.

Track Hurricane Michael via CNN's Live Storm Tracker

Updated 7:44am Thurs NZT --- Deadly Hurricane Michael has rapidly intensified overnight and has made landfall in the past hour near Mexico Beach Florida.

The storm was expected to make landfall as a Category 3... instead it was just shy of Cat 5 strength with 250km/h winds.

VIDEO: Cold snowy southerly reaches NZ, peaks Friday + Deadly Hurricane Michael aims for Florida, USA

Temperatures over the next few days across New Zealand will be going from warmer than average to colder than average for most as a significant southerly change moves in.

Cold southerly change for NZ + Hurricane Michael to hit the USA on Friday

A cold spring southerly is about to hit the country but before it arrives some areas will be pushed into the low 20s temperaturewise with sunny conditions.

Video: NZ School Hols weather update + Typhoon Kong-rey approaches Japan & Korea

A low north of New Zealand with tropical connections is bringing some rain to Northland today but is unlikely to go much further south, although showers are possible in Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty later today.