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Weekend Thunderstorms: Where will they likely form? (x2 daily Infographics)

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A belt of high pressure across the country dominates the weather and wind pattern for the next few days. 

Mostly sunny weather with light winds and lake and sea breezes spread over the country. There may be some regions that are fairly cloudy at times, this will shift around a little over the days.

Deep tropical low to unravel over New Zealand next week (+4 Maps)

A deep low in the Coral Sea/north Tasman Sea early next week will quickly drop south into the New Zealand area on Wednesday, January 31st, bringing rain to the West Coast then spreading across other parts of the country with a very humid airflow.

Weather Video: Tropical trouble coming next week as storm heads towards NZ

A storm from the tropics is coming our way almost exactly one month after the last one - and it brings similar risks.

From today until the start of next week New Zealand will be mostly settled with inland downpours developing.

PHOTOS x5 - State Highway north of Thames destroyed by storm

It's very normal in a storm for a highway to be closed due to bad weather or slips - it's more unusual to have a road entirely destroyed by storm surge.

PHOTOS x 6: More coastal flooding images from Auckland on Friday

As the storm roared past Auckland to the west on Thursday night and Friday morning it co-incided with a king tide. The strong to gale winds from the northerly quarter also help funnel more water into Auckland Harbour.

The result was a couple of extra tides well above the normal high tide mark.

Storm leaving New Zealand, what's next? (+4 Maps)

It was another wet and windy night for some areas but the worst of the storm has not only well and truly peaked now, but the entire low is starting to clear New Zealand.

For today the country is in the tail end of the storm, with windy southerlies to south westers blowing.

Storm surge creates coastal flooding in the North Island (Photos + Videos)

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Across the North Island there are reports of exceptionally high tides flooding roads, car parks, footpaths and areas normally well above the high tide mark. It started last night and has repeated itself Friday morning.

Offshore storm to cross North Island today then start weakening (+11 maps)

UPDATED 9:43am -- A storm just offshore from the western upper North Island is causing power cuts, bringing down trees and closing highways and today the low finally makes landfall and starts to slowly unravel.

Our latest tweets and weather maps on the offshore storm

We've had a busy day on our Twitter page (@WeatherWatchNZ) with exclusive graphics from as the low deepens and the weather goes downhill.

Here are our latest tweets on the weather.

Rapidly deepening low to bring rain, severe gales and storm surge, flooding possible (+10 Maps)

DETAILED UPDATE --- Severe Weather Warnings have been issued for Norfolk island and many parts of New Zealand due to an incoming and rapidly deepening low.