VIDEO: Your Queen’s Birthday Weekend forecast + outlook for all next week

New Zealand has two storms coming next week but before they arrive we have a polar blast kicking in from tonight and across Saturday and Sunday.

Heavy snow, heavy rain and gales are all in the forecast along with isolated thunderstorms and hail. In saying that, some regions do have sunny weather this weekend - and Monday looks better for most places.

UPDATE: 3 Day Snow & Rain accumulation maps, plus Temperature map as Winter arrives!

Saturday is the first day of winter on the meteorological calendar and Mother Nature is playing her part with a roaring cold southerly.

Here comes the Snow, Cold and Rain. We have the latest Maps (x5)

Melbourne just had its coldest May day in 19 years and this southerly blast is now about to pounce on NZ with heavy snow, rain, thunderstorms, gales and a big temperature drop.

VIDEO: Winter Blast peaks on Saturday - we break down your Queen’s Birthday Weekend weather

A significant winter blast is coming with heavy rain and strong winds before it arrives - and warmer than average temperatures too.

On Friday things start to cool down as the colder air moves in, but the main southerly moves up the South Island across Friday and not into the North Island until late Friday and early Saturday.

VIDEO: Wintry blast coming in - full details including Queen’s Birthday Monday

We have the full forecast right up to Queen’s Birthday Monday and it includes the big southerly blast about to hit the country.

The southerly arrives in the Deep South on Thursday morning and slowly moves northwards across Thursday and Friday.

Day by day: We track the cold blast coming for NZ and when it affects you (+5 Maps)

A major change in New Zealand's weather pattern is about to occur - but we have one day left of warmer than average weather nationwide.

WEDNESDAY: Warmer than average nationwide - both by day and by night by a few degrees, thanks to west to north west winds out of Australia.

How cold will the cold blast be? Here's Saturday's lowest daytime highs (+2 Maps)

We have two big surges of cold air coming for New Zealand over the next several days with the first cold event peaking this Saturday.

Temperatures nationwide will tumble, down 7 to 12 degrees from current daytime highs.

Heavy rain and heavy snow coming - we have the latest numbers (+5 Maps)

A late Autumn storm is going to produce heavy rain and heavy snow in the days ahead - but some will stay mostly dry.

The bulk of the rain in the days ahead will be on the West Coast with over 300mm possible by the weekend, on top of what has already fallen.

VIDEO: Winter blast coming this weekend, everyone has a big temperature drop

A cold, windy, blast is on the way but not before a few more warmer days. The cold front moves up the South Island on Friday and the rest of the country by Saturday.

The weekend will be around 10 degrees colder in a number of regions compared to the daytime highs today/tomorrow. On Sunday there may be a brief breather in some places before the next surge.

Big temperature tumble coming, some drop 10 degrees by Saturday (+3 Maps)

A winter blast is coming this weekend and it will hack daytime temperatures back by as much as 10 degrees compared to this week.