Tropics active north of Australia, but not north of NZ - but that may change in February continues to monitor the tropics closely for rain makers now that large portions of New Zealand are starting to dry out. Today Australia has two storms, Cyclone Riley on the western coastline and a Tropical Depression in the Gulf of Carpentaria which may become a cyclone. Neither of these tropical storms pose any risk to New Zealand.

Tropics north of NZ fairly quiet for rest of January, stormier in northern Australia

The tropics directly north of New Zealand is much quieter compared to a year ago with no major storms likely to develop over the rest of January in the NZ area.

There are some areas of interest, mostly in northern Australia which has already had a few cyclones affect them this season.

30 Degree week for Sydney

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After a string of hot days over the past 3 weeks, Sydney could be in for a run of 30 plus degree days this week.

The oceans are warming faster than scientists thought

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By Jen Christensen & Brandon Miller, CNN --- The world's oceans are warming at an accelerated rate and are much warmer than scientists thought -- and things could get a lot worse if nothing is don

Aviation: Boeing's radical 'transonic' wing design could mean higher, faster airplanes

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The future looks interesting for air passengers, with a raft of new designs in the pipeline promising faster planes capable of taking people on longer flights in greater comfort.
Boeing's latest innovation in the 

Cyclonic system to bring more heavy rain to northern Queensland

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Residents in northern Queensland are being urged to prepare for wild weather and flooding, with ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny expected to dump hundreds of millimetres of rain across coastal communities north of Rockhampton over the next few days.

Brief respite from heat in sight for WA - Australia

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It may feel like it will never be cool over the western parts of the nation again, but southwestern WA should see some respite from the scorching temperatures towards the end of the coming week.

Record hot spell coming to abrupt end in Sydney

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Sydney's record-breaking hot spell is about to end abruptly, cooling by more than 10 degrees this afternoon and staying cool for a few days.

Today's northwesterly winds are causing the city to rapidly heat to the mid-to-high thirties, even in the city, before showers and thunderstorms initiate cooling.

Tropical Cyclone Penny brews into category two system as it moves towards Queensland coast

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Tropical Cyclone Penny ramped up to a category two system overnight, but the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is confident it will weaken as it approaches the Queensland coast.

In its update at 4:51am on Friday, BOM said Penny was located over the Coral Sea in Queensland's north, about 600 kilometres east of Willis Island.

Cyclone Penny tracks away from coast giving far north Queensland reprieve from heavy rain

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Tropical Cyclone Penny has re-formed in the Coral Sea, but is unlikely to bring significant rain to north Queensland in the coming days, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says.