California fire explodes into largest in State history, is still growing, may take a month just to contain

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The largest wildfire in California history has burned for nearly two weeks and the massive inferno is still growing.

Strange 'rogue planet' travels through space alone

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A strange 200 million-year-old object with the mass of a planet has been discovered 20 light-years from Earth, outside our solar system. The "rogue," as it's referred to by researchers, is producing an unexplained glowing aurora and travels through space alone, without a parent star.

Climate plans are in pieces as killer northern hemisphere summer shreds records

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By Angela Dewan, CNN --- Deadly fires have scorched swaths of the Northern Hemisphere this summer, from California to Arctic Sweden and down to Greece on the sunny Mediterranean. Drought in Europe has turned verdant land barren, while people in Japan and Korea are dying from record-breaking heat.

Australia / NZ: Rain returns amid favourable Southern Annular Mode (SAM)

A flurry of cold fronts will sweep across southern Australia during the next week, causing multiple bouts of rain, thunderstorms, damaging winds and snow.

While this type of weather is typical in southern Australia during winter, there has been a lack of rain-bearing system during the first two months of the season.

Kiwi contractors caught up in major Iowa tornado (+6 Photos)

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Rob Fuller, AB Equipment’s general manager, sales and marketing—construction equipment, along with around 400 other dealers and customers was on-site the Vermeer Corp factory in Pella in central Iowa when the state was hit by a tornado on 19 July at around 4pm. Guests from across the globe were visiting the factory to celebrate the founder’s 70th birthday.

Greece wildfires: 'Serious indications of arson,' minister says

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There are "serious indications of arson" in one of several Greek wildfires that killed more than 80 people this week, authorities said Thursday.

Extreme heat replaces record rain in Japan

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Japan is having a remarkably active month in terms of weather, with record-breaking rain at the beginning of the month followed by life-threatening heat during the last fortnight.

Latest: Over 100 dead in Japan after flooding and landslides

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The rain may has stopped in Japan, but the country is facing a long recovery process after floods and landslides killed at least 87 people in the southwest.

Australia / International: El Nino threat looms after dry start to 2018 in NSW

Parts of western NSW just had their driest first half of a year on record, with the prospect of El Nino still looming in the months ahead.

Most of western NSW received less than half of its average rainfall during the first half of 2018 and every month since January has been drier than usual for the state as a whole.

Weather Video: Tasman Sea storm develops, heavy rain coming + record wave measured in NZ

The largest wave ever recorded in the Southern Ocean, a storm in the Tasman Sea and heavy sub-tropical rain - just some of the thngs we touch on in today’s weather video.

We cover the big wave captured by MetOcean following a big storm south of New Zealand on Tuesday, we then focus on the next storm - one in the Tasman Sea.