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Atlantic: Powerful Hurricane Irma could be next weather disaster

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While much attention remains on Texas and the destruction left by Hurricane Harvey and its historic rainfall, powerful Hurricane Irma is rapidly intensifying in the open Atlantic and poses a major threat to the Caribbean and potentially to the United States next week.

Harvey aftermath: More chemical fires possible as city loses clean water

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Flood-stricken southeast Texas struggled Friday NZT with a new series of blows that left one city without running water, the operators of a flood-damaged chemical plant warning of additional fires and at least one hospital unable to care for patients.

Special Video: Tropical Storm Harvey to make second landfall soon

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Tropical Storm Harvey has become the a historic wet event with 1245mm of rain falling in some parts of Texas, more than their annual rainfall in just a few days.

In perspective Auckland has 1115mm of rain annual and Christchurch around 650mm.

Video: Air New Zealand's fast fly by way up high was recently sent this video from Air New Zealand Captain Matthew Harrington, showing a view most passengers onboard usually only see from the side.

USA: Harvey's flood waters rising, days to go yet - Latest Developments:

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Daylight is fading in Texas as heavy rain continues to fall and flood waters in Houston continue to rise.

Weather Video: New low for NZ + the latest on Houston and Texas

We track the latest from Houston as a years worth of rain is forecast to fall in just days. Already the city of a few million people is underwater and direct flights from Auckland to Houston are cancelled until further notice due to the airport in Houston being closed.

Harvey's rain 'beyond anything experienced,' weather service says

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Latest --- Flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey is overburdening resources as authorities in and around Houston scramble to save those trapped by the high waters.

Friends of WeatherWatch: CNN's Senior Meteorologist - Chad Myers

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For those watching CNN International or, due to Hurricane Harvey, you have no doubt seen Chad Myers. Based in Atlanta, Chad is the meteorologist most often used to cover breaking US weather or natural disaster news, like hurricanes, snow storms and tornado outbreaks, tsunami etc.

Deadly Harvey, now a tropical storm, drenches Texas after devastating coastline

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The first fatality from Hurricane Harvey was reported in the hard-hit Texas city of Rockport, Aransas County Judge Burt Mills said Saturday afternoon. The victim died in a house fire during the storm. "We didn't know about it until today," he said. At least 12 people were injured.

Hurricane Harvey's winds continue to slowly unravel, now a major rain event - Track Live Here

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Hurricane Harvey made landfall mid afternoon NZT Saturday on the Texas coastline as a Category 4 hurricane. 

The storm has almost stalled - vastly increasing the chances of catastrophic flooding.