Weather Video: The latest on Cyclone Oma and possible tracking in to the New Zealand area

Large amounts of uncertainty remain over the weekend tracking of Cyclone Oma but for Tuesday and Wednesday the tropical cyclone will be tracking past the north western tip of New Caledonia bringing over 200mm of rain in the coming days and possibly damaging winds for a portion of the island.
Over the next few days Oma tracks south towards the Tasman Sea area while o

Cyclone Oma's future track remains uncertain, 50/50 chance NZ has severe weather (+19 Maps)

Cyclone Oma is stumping some computer models with two of the most trusted cyclone forecast models taking oposing views about the future track of the storm. It places New Zealand in a frustrating 50/50 position with one model (GFS) showing a direct hit while ECMWF shows Oma doing a 180 turn and backtracking north again.

Weather Video: Cyclone Oma to affect New Caledonia, 50/50 call for New Zealand this weekend

We have the very latest on Cyclone Oma and its path this week brushing north western New Caledonia with potentially damaging winds and 200+mm of rain, then it may slide into the Northern Tasman Sea where it poses a 50/50 threat to New Zealand.
Computer modelling is not yet in agreement about the tracking of Oma this weekend.

Tropical Cyclone Oma's future path not yet locked in

UPDATED 7:41pm --- Tropical Cyclone Oma was upgraded to a Severe Category 3 storm on Saturday evening but has weakened a little back to a Category 2 cyclone as of Sunday PM.

Oma is likely to hover around the Category 2/3 mark for the next few days.

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Cyclone Oma expected to strengthen in the days ahead, we track the next 7 days (+3 Maps)

Be prepared for some changeable forecasts over the next 10 days if you live in the North Island of New Zealand as Cyclone Oma continues to churn away well to our north. The very slow moving Category 2 Tropical Cyclone remains west of Vanuatu and will spend the next few days tracking towards north west New Caledonia and then the open waters of the Coral Sea.

Weather Video: Cyclone Oma may become a severe cyclone, we track it for a week

Forecasts are going to be changeable for one week from now across the North Island due to a tropical cyclone that may well be still a long way off from NZ but might still influence our weather.

Latest tracking is good news for Vanuatu and New Caledonia with the storm tracking further west hopefully in the days ahead, pushing it further out to sea.

Uncertainty about Cyclone Oma's track next week means New Zealanders should monitor

Slow moving Cyclone Oma has strengthened further and is now a Category 2 Tropical Cyclone just west of Vanuatu. The storm will inch slowly towards New Caledonia over the next couple of days and then stall there for much of next week.

Weather Video: The latest on Cyclone Oma and will NZ get any rain next week?

Cyclone Oma continues to lie over Vanuatu and will very slowly drift towards New Caledonia. It may then linger in this area for an entire week.

As for New Zealand we may still be impacted by this but the risk is low, around 30% as of today. We’ll keep you posted.

Cyclone Oma forms, could become bigger storm and linger over 10 days north of NZ (+4 Maps)

The second Tropical Cyclone in days north of New Zealand has formed and been named Oma by the Fiji Met Service. Current forecasts show it slowly tracking over Vanuatu and New Caledonia as a Category 2 storm over the coming days.