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Weather Video: Next low for NZ, plus we track major Hurricane Maria

Wednesday is one of the nicest days of the week for New Zealand ahead of the next low pressure system coming in on Thursday and Friday, mostly for the North Island but also brushing the upper half of the South Island.

Central Mexico earthquake kills more than 100, topples buildings

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Scores were killed in a powerful earthquake Tuesday that rocked Mexico City and surrounding states. The earthquake toppled buildings, sent rescue workers digging through rubble and knocked out power to millions.

Powerful M7.1 quake hits Mexico City, at least 44 killed, many buildings collapsed

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UPDATED 8:51am --- A powerful Magnitude 7.1 earthquake has struck Mexico City, according to the USGS. Latest media reports say 44 people have been confirmed dead and it's very likely that toll will rise based on the amount of damage.

The quake was 50kms deep and social media shows buildings collapsing in the city - a city that is home to over 21 million people.

Category 5 Hurricane Maria barrels toward Puerto Rico today

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Hurricane Maria's destructive tear across the Caribbean is well underway, with the storm obliterating parts of Dominica and threatening "catastrophic" damage to Puerto Rico.

Maria prompts hurricane watch in Caribbean, Jose may threaten US this week

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Tropical Storm Jose has strengthened back into a hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Cassini, NASA's 13-year Saturn mission, has ended

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Contact has been lost with the Cassini spacecraft after it completed a "death dive" into the upper atmosphere of Saturn and transmitted its final signal, according to NASA.

Irma now a Category 1 Hurricane

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6:44pm NZT --- Irma is now a Category 1 hurricane. The latest update from the US National Hurricane Center shows  the winds have weakened a little and the air pressure has risen.

Current sustained winds are 140km/h with gusts to 195km.h.

CNN: Live Storm Tracker + Live News updates and headlines on Irma

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Updated 2pm Monday NZT --- Irma has veered off track, further east and inland. It means more of Florida is being hit by severe weather with the centre of the storm tracking directly inland.

Irma remains a Category 2 hurricane. The next big advisory coming out will be at 3pm NZT.

Hurricane Irma bludgeons Florida - the latest:

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10:15am NZT --- Hurricane Irma is now a Category 2 storm, threatening to bring dangerous storm surges along Florida's west coast of over 4.5 metres, the National Hurricane Center in the US says.

Irma weakens very slightly, drops just 10km/h making it a strong Cat 4 storm

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Update 9:39pm --- As we head into Sunday NZT Hurricane Irma has weakened very slightly, due to interacting with Cuba's landmass. The weakening is very small - dropping just 10km/h overall with sustained winds - but enough to drop to Category 4.