Is Darwin the lightning capital of the world?

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The tropics get some of the biggest, most dramatic storms in the world.

And during the wet season, the Top End puts on a spectacular lightshow that is a storm chaser's dream, although it can be more of a nightmare for office workers who stagger in, bleary-eyed, after a particularly loud night.

Storm chaser James Taylor hunts cyclones in the Kimberley

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While many residents of Australia's north-west escape the tropical heat over the Christmas holiday season, Broome storm chaser James Taylor would not wish to be anywhere else in the world.

"It is the best time of the year to be in the Kimberley," he said.

BOM warns Australians to expect 'extreme heatwaves' after Christmas

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Extreme heatwaves are forecast to sweep through parts of Australia over the Christmas and New Year period, with some locations set to swelter in the 40s for days on end and average temperatures up to 12 degrees higher than usual.

It is part of a sustained heatwave affecting parts of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

'I really thought it'd be bigger': The battle to save the holy water of the Jordan River

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The pilgrims who come to be baptised in the waters of the Jordan River at Qasr el Yehud are often overcome with emotion at visiting one of Christianity's holy places.

But they can't help noticing the river is smaller and dirtier than they expected.

Green thunderstorms: there have been many theories behind the mysterious glow

In a festive twist to Sydney's catastrophically expensive hailstorm Thursday night, the skies turned green. 

Pictures posted online of clouds with a spooky green glow have been generating debate. 

Homer Simpson's dream...New Zealand is covered by a huge high pressure donut

Mmmmm, donut. *Drool sound effect*. Not quite your usual weather story as we focus on your not so usual weather set up: An enormous high pressure donut.

Forecast for India vs Australia Cricket Match Adelaide Oval

For those of you who are tracking the cricket weather in Australia here's the latest detailed forecast for India vs Australia in Adelaide.

Overall conditions look mainly dry with perhaps today having the highest risk for rain at 30% chance.

There's a 20% chance on Saturday, again showing a dry to mainly dry day.

Powerful and shallow 7.6 quake hits New Caledonia - NO TSUNAMI THREAT FOR NZ

UPDATED 5:51pm --- A magnitude 7.6 quake, just 10kms deep (according to the USGS) has hit near Noumea, New Caledonia north of New Zealand.

Cyclone Owen forms - poses no current threat to NZ but remains 'one to watch'

Cyclone Owen has formed in the Coral Sea and will linger there for several days as a lower end Tropical Cyclone or tropical depression. While sea temperatures are ideal for storm growth, high pressure near the tropical storm should limit how deep the low becomes and therefore how intense the cyclone will be.

Another warm year globally, on course to be 4th warmest on record

This year is on course to become the fourth warmest year on record based on global mean surface temperatures, according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).