Xmas miracle: 154 survive plane crash in severe rain

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KINGSTON, Jamaica - Passengers on American Airlines Flight 331 had endured the crowded airports and delays of holiday travel, and were moments from their Caribbean destination. Suddenly, everything seemed to spin out of control.

Touching down last night in a fierce rain, the Boeing 737-800 slammed into the runway of Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport. The aircraft skidded to a halt at the edge of the sea, leaving battered and bruised passengers screaming in panic as the smell of jet fuel spread through the darkened cabin, which had cracked open in places.

Christmas Day weather around the world

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It's hard to really understand just how cold it is in the North Pole but recently it's been bitterly cold with -18 degrees and a 'feels like' temperature of -25!

So what's the Christmas forecast today for some of the main centres around the globe?

Take a look below and see!

US dust storm causes 40 vehicle crash, kills 3

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Three people died Tuesday when a sweeping dust storm impaired visibility on a major interstate in Arizona and caused a chain-reaction of car accidents, according to the state's Department of Public Safety.

Between 30 and 40 vehicles were involved in the I-10 accidents, which also seriously injured five people, Officer Robert Bailey told CNN sister network HLN.

PHOTO: Using Germany as a fridge

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While summer continues to spread its warmth across New Zealand it's easy to forget that Europe, USA and Canada are all in the grip of fierce winter weather.

Widespread snow has fallen across Britain and Europe along with record breaking weather along America's north-east.

This photo, sent in by New Zealander Heather Black who now resides in Germany, shows a unique way of keeping your drink cold!

USA: Deadly snow storm heads north

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Much of the East Coast was digging out Sunday after a monster winter storm caused record snowfall in some areas, disrupting holiday travel and shopping and leaving at least four people dead.

Extreme weather quiz

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This weekend we are giving you multichoice questions regarding weather around the globe.

Which of the following is not a region where tropical storms typically develop?

A Indian Ocean
B Eastern Pacific
C Bay of Bengal
D Cape Horn

Summit text falls short says Key, AUDIO

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The Prime Minister says New Zealand can be pleased with what has come out of the climate change summit in Copenhagen, even though there is nothing legally binding.

The US has reached a deal with India, South Africa, China and Brazil. The text will be formally released later today and involves the major developed countries reducing their emissions by an average of 80 percent, but not until 2050.

Climate deal reached

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President Barack Obama declared today a "meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough" had been reached among the US, China and three other countries on a global effort to curb climate change but said much work was still be needed to reach a legally binding treaty.

"It is going to be very hard, and it's going to take some time," he said at the conclusion of a 193-nation global warming summit. "We have come a long way, but we have much further to go."

Unplugging from the world's powerlines

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You won't hear much about it in the vast conference halls of the Copenhagen climate change summit, but living "off-grid" -- beyond the water and power lines that intersect much of the modern world -- could hold a solution to some of the planet's worst environmental woes.

Initially adopted by hippies and environmental mavericks, the pioneering lifestyle has grown to attract thousands of devotees who choose to live completely independently of the local utilities power grid and instead generate their own electricity and water.

Scientists spot nearby "super-Earth"

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Astronomers announced this week they found a water-rich and relatively nearby planet that's similar in size to Earth.

While the planet probably has too thick of an atmosphere and is too hot to support life similar to that found on Earth, the discovery is being heralded as a major breakthrough in humanity's search for life on other planets.