UK: Weather disrupts football

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Icy weather in Britain is playing havoc with the latest round of English Premier League football fixtures. The total number of matches postponed tomorrow morning is now up to four with Hull City's match against Chelsea the latest to join the list.

Fulham's match against Portsmouth, Burnley's game against Stoke City and Sunderland's match against Bolton have already been forced to move to another date.

Snowy scene in Brrrr-itain

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In the UK it is widely believed that snow precedes the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Everything shudders to a cold and rather embarassing halt.

Here in South East London, we've only seen a few centimetres of snow so far, however, forecasters say that worse is to come tonight (Wednesday evening). It has been snowing since 10pm yesterday (Jan 5th) non stop.

Extreme weather events for England & USA

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Millions of people living in southern England and the Home Counties were told to prepare themselves for up to 40cm of snow last night as Britain remained in the grip of the longest prolonged spell of cold weather for 30 years.

Not everyone has been so concerned about the unusually high levels of snow though.

Those able to get out and enjoy the weather in Britain have done so in style.

Deadly snowstorm buries central USA

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The dream of a white Christmas was turning into a nightmare for some as forecasters predicted a heavy snowstorm would continue on Friday across parts of the central United States.

Xmas miracle: 154 survive plane crash in severe rain

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KINGSTON, Jamaica - Passengers on American Airlines Flight 331 had endured the crowded airports and delays of holiday travel, and were moments from their Caribbean destination. Suddenly, everything seemed to spin out of control.

Touching down last night in a fierce rain, the Boeing 737-800 slammed into the runway of Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport. The aircraft skidded to a halt at the edge of the sea, leaving battered and bruised passengers screaming in panic as the smell of jet fuel spread through the darkened cabin, which had cracked open in places.

Christmas Day weather around the world

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It's hard to really understand just how cold it is in the North Pole but recently it's been bitterly cold with -18 degrees and a 'feels like' temperature of -25!

So what's the Christmas forecast today for some of the main centres around the globe?

Take a look below and see!

US dust storm causes 40 vehicle crash, kills 3

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Three people died Tuesday when a sweeping dust storm impaired visibility on a major interstate in Arizona and caused a chain-reaction of car accidents, according to the state's Department of Public Safety.

Between 30 and 40 vehicles were involved in the I-10 accidents, which also seriously injured five people, Officer Robert Bailey told CNN sister network HLN.

PHOTO: Using Germany as a fridge

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While summer continues to spread its warmth across New Zealand it's easy to forget that Europe, USA and Canada are all in the grip of fierce winter weather.

Widespread snow has fallen across Britain and Europe along with record breaking weather along America's north-east.

This photo, sent in by New Zealander Heather Black who now resides in Germany, shows a unique way of keeping your drink cold!

USA: Deadly snow storm heads north

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Much of the East Coast was digging out Sunday after a monster winter storm caused record snowfall in some areas, disrupting holiday travel and shopping and leaving at least four people dead.

Extreme weather quiz

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This weekend we are giving you multichoice questions regarding weather around the globe.

Which of the following is not a region where tropical storms typically develop?

A Indian Ocean
B Eastern Pacific
C Bay of Bengal
D Cape Horn