Know your weather?

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Back by popular demand!

We started this quiz last month and a number of you scored remarkably well.We've made this one a little more challenging and are you up to the task? We'll provide the answers first thing tomorrow morning.

1/ Is New Plymouth or Timaru the sunniest centre?

Climate change approach flawed - NASA scientist

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LONDON - A top Nasa scientist said Tuesday that he would rather see no agreement at the Copenhagen climate conference because the whole approach to climate change is so deeply flawed that it would be better to start from scratch.

James Hansen told Britain's The Guardian newspaper he believed that any agreement that may emerge from the upcoming conference will be deeply flawed.

RARE VIDEO: Snow tornado hits chairlift

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A rare video of a snow tornado (or snow devil) in America.

From our "Only in America" files...

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State emergency management officials this week announced that Florida Severe Weather Awareness Week is scheduled for January 24-30, 2010.
The public awareness campaign includes a poster and video public service announcement (PSA) contest. Contest sponsors and prizes will be announced in the coming weeks.

Want to see what a Super Typhoon looks like?

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As of this writing, a monster super typhoon is roaming the western Pacific ocean - it's name is Nida.

On Wednesday afternoon, Super Typhoon Nida had maximum sustained winds of 275km/h with gusts exceeding 320km/h.

SPECTACULAR VIDEO: Meteor turns night into day

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Last week a stunning meteor raced across western American literally turning night into day.  At first it's hard to believe the videos are real...but they are.


More rain for Britain's flood ravaged north'west

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Forecasters predicted more rain for England's flood-ravaged northwest region Saturday, but said the risk of more flooding was smaller than in recent days and river levels were dropping.

The badly hit town of Cockermouth was starting to dry out after the two rivers it sits on raged through its streets Thursday night and Friday morning. The Rivers Cocker and Derwent reached several feet high in some places, causing furniture on the ground floor to knock into the ceiling, witnesses said.

Global happenings

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Flooding in England, bushfires in Australia, high temperatures in eastern NZ and now flooding in Singapore, supposedly a once in 50 year event has all taken place in the last 48 hours.

The big clean—up is underway in many areas across Singapore which were flooded due to the heavy rainfall.

Britain's worst flood in 1000yrs "of biblical proportions"

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COCKERMOUTH, England - Raging floods engulfed northern England's picturesque Lake District yesterday following the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in Britain, killing a police officer and trapping dozens in their swamped homes.

Military helicopters winched dozens of people to safety and emergency workers in bright orange inflatable boats rescued scores more after an unprecedented deluge.

Aussie heat wave sparks 100 bushfires

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NSW officials are hoping to avoid catastrophe with state-wide fire bans. Photo / Getty ImagesUp to 100 fires are burning across NSW as a large swathe of the state begins a day of total fire bans.

Record-breaking hot temperatures, storms and wild winds on Friday sparked and fuelled a series of bushfires, mostly in remote and inaccessible terrain in the Blue Mountains, the Hawksbury region and the state's northeast.