One for the Stats fan

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Head Weather Analyst of WeatherWatch, Philip Duncan is currently touring the USA but he may not be copping the extremes of hot and cold as shown, state by state.
Centerville 44.4 C (112.0 F) on the 5th September, 1925
New Market -32.8 C (-27.0 F) on the 30th January, 1966


Fourth typhoon in month hits Philippines

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(CNN) -- The fourth typhoon to hit the Philippines in a month came ashore east of the capital, Manila, on Saturday morning, bringing heavy rain, flooding, and washing away shanty houses near the coast.

BLOG: Everything in America is big!

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Head Weather Analyst of WeatherWatch,  Philip Duncan writes about his experiences while holidaying in America...

Weather history on this day

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1913 One of Britain's worst tornado disasters; six people are killed when a tornado struck Edwardsville, near Cardiff.

A taste of Fiji

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Political turmoil is nothing new to Fiji in recent decades but take nothing away from its warm and tropical climate.
Here is an outline of what weather conditions prevail throughout the country year round.

Rick downgrades rapidly

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One of the most powerful storms ever recorded along the Pacific coast of Mexico has lost a lot of its might over the past 24 hours but continues to affect cruise ships in the region.

Tropical Storm Rick -- a rare Category 5 hurricane as recently as Sunday --now has maximum sustained winds of just 90kph.

Rick weakens but claims first victim

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Hurricane Rick remains huge

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Hurricane Rick, the strongest eastern North Pacific storm in more than a decade, raged across open seas yesterday, but forecasters said it could veer into resorts at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula by midweek.

Weather moments in history

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This weekend many decades and centuries ago, storms of great magnitude rattled parts of the planet.

1780 Over a 6 day period, the western hemisphere’s deadliest hurricane on record lingered over the Caribbean, killing 22,000 people on Martinique, St. Eustatius, and Barbados.

Overseas reports

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The reporting or presentation of the weather around the world varies, depending on the type of media used and also the part of the globe it's situated on.

Some regions deliver it factually whereas others tend to want to make it more 'vibrant' and 'colourful' in their delivery.