3rd major snow storm in a month for New York/USA North East

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A major winter storm will continue to wallop the Northeast on Friday, a day after heavy snow closed schools, roads and caused dangerous conditions.

Parts of New York could get as much as a foot of snow Friday. The storm is the third blizzard to hit the area in a month.

"The heavy wet snow will be sufficient to bring down trees and power lines and could also cause roof collapses," the National Weather Service said.

VIDEO: Flash floods/mudslides kill dozens in Portugal

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Portugal declared three days of national mourning Monday amid fears the death toll from devastating floods and mudslides on the island of Madeira could rise above 42.

Search teams have been working to find more victims after floodwaters caused by heavy rains swamped the capital Funchal, unleashing a torrent of mud that swept away homes, roads and trees. At least 120 people were injured.

Rescuers were trying to drain a two-story undergound car park at a shopping center where many people are thought to have become trapped.

Raw Video: Tornado rips through Australian farm

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A freak twister in Australia tore through a north Queensland state cornfield on Tuesday and turned at the last minute, sparing the house of a family who moved in only three weeks ago.

Video: AP

From our unusual files: Ice dusting

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The potential of flooding this spring is all too real for Nebraska's Emergency Management Agency. It's taking action to break up major ice jams in the Platte River before it's too late.

Planes dust stripes of black onto miles of thick ice covering the Platte River. They're dumping 77 tons of coal ash in hopes of breaking up the ice to prevent future flooding. "We want to get it cleared out between basically upstream of the Platte River bridge to where the Elkhorn comes in," said NEMA Assistant Director, Al Berndt.

Gold medal for Vancouver's olympic weather

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There may not be a hotter item on sale at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver right now than... sunglasses.  Now, I'm under no illusion that sunglasses typically sell well in the winter months.  After all, the storm track often finds itself pointed squarely at British Columbia for days on end.

If you've watched any Olympic coverage of outdoor events, you may not believe me.  Check out some live cams.  That bright orb called the sun is out!

VIDEO: Weather causes massive pile up in Kansas

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After experiencing a rare snowfall Friday, much of the South on Sunday was bracing for a second round of winter weather as forecasters warned a second storm would bring more snow.

Snow and ice caused a massive 30 to 40 car pile up in Kansas.  (see the video below).

The National Weather Service issued winter weather advisories and warnings for a handful of Southern states, stretching into Indiana and Illinois. Winter storm watches issued for areas in Ohio and West Virginia. Snow was also expected Sunday night into Monday morning in Tennessee and across the mid-South.

Cyclone Rene approaching Tonga

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UPDATE: Cyclone Rene is still on course to take a direct hit on Tonga

Tropical Cyclone Rene is continuing to move southwest on a track that will take it into central and southern Tonga.

USA: Snow heads south

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A rare snowstorm was moving through the US Deep South overnight, including some places that haven't seen snow in a decade or longer.

Flakes were falling - or threatened - from Texas to northern Florida and then up along the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina.

The storm put a treacherous glaze on highways which made it difficult for commuters during the long weekend. 

Cyclone Rene makes impact

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Cyclone Rene's damaging winds have roared into American Samoa, forcing the closure of Pago Pago International Airport.

Government departments and schools have also shut down.

Neighbouring Pacific islands Niue and Tonga are also in Rene's path.

The eye of the storm is expected to pass over the main American Samoan island of Tutuila overnight

VIDEO: US Snowstorm - Watch 30 hours in 30 seconds

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A massive snow storm is crippling the eastern United States today with all flights in and out of Washington DC cancelled and the majority in New York now cancelled too.

Up to 80cms of snow has fallen in just a short time.

This amazing video shows 30 inches (80cms) falling over 30 hours, sped up for your viewing pleasure to just 30 seconds.  Enjoy!