Bill becomes first Hurricane of the season

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The first hurricane of the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season formed Monday night NZT.  As of 9pm NZT Hurricane Bill was a category 1 storm on the Saffir-Simpson scale (out of 5).

Claudette makes landfall & will Bill become a hurricane tonight?

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Tropical Storm Claudette tonight made landfall in Florida.  The storm didn't strengthen further and damage was expected to be minimal. 

Meanwhile Ana has been downgraded from a Tropical Storm to a Tropical Depression again - this time named Ana and not "2". 

Friday: No named storms. Monday: Three named storms

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Tropical Storm Claudette has this morning formed in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to make landfall in Florida’s panhandle later today NZT. While Claudette isn’t a hurricane her wind speeds equal that of a category one tropical cyclone. (Hurricanes have higher category criteria than tropical cyclones).

Pair ot Tropical Storms - Ana & Bill

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Tropical Storm Bill has formed in the east-central Atlantic about 1200kms west-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands.

Tropical Storm Bill is still consolidating and will move westward over the open tropical Atlantic over the next few days, steadily gaining strength.

Weather yarns

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Most of us can remember a particular weather event at some stage in our life and there are often plenty of yarns about certain experiences and sometimes as the years go by, the stories can get bigger and bigger!

From the international file, here's an email about ball lightning and an episode that would've been somewhat hairaising... 

Tropical Storm Ana forms

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Tropical Depression Two reformed in the Atlantic last night, and has now strengthened to Tropical Storm Ana. This makes it the first named storm of the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

As of early this morning Ana was located about 1600 kms east of the Leeward Islands. Maximum winds have increased to near 65 kph.

How a hurricane is made

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We often hear about terms like Typhoon, Hurricane, Cyclone, Tropical Depression and Tropical Storm.  So what do they all mean?  And what are the processes to actually create a hurricane?  

With the media-grabbing Atlantic Hurricane season upon us we thought we'd take a closer look.

2009 Atlantic & Pacific Storm Names

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Here's a list of the upcoming storm names for the Atlantic and Pacific. 

The Atlantic ones are most likely to make the news headlines...that's because the direction they move in takes them towards populated places such as the United States of America, Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean.  

Atlantic storm season about to tip

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The scales are about to tip with the Atlantic Hurricane season as a broad area of low pressure and thunderstorms moves off Africa and towards the United States.

Atlantic quickly waking up

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The Atlantic is today quickly coming to life with three areas of concern for American forecasters.

TD-2 is hovering around 10km/h below Tropical Storm status and that is expected to change anywhere within the next hour or two through until tomorrow NZT. If TD-2 does become a tropical-storm it will be named Ana.