Brrrr....238 degrees below zero

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Astronomers have found the coldest spot in our solar system and it may be a little close for comfort. It's on our moon, right nearby.

Space junk like hovering mosquitoes

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Orbital debris, or space junk, is any man-made object in orbit around the Earth that no longer serves a useful purpose.

Space junk can be bad news for an orbiting satellite. On February 11, 2009, a U.S. communications satellite owned by a private company called Iridium collided with a non-functioning Russian satellite.

8 month long lightning storm a record breaker

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A powerful lightning storm in Saturn's atmosphere that began in mid-January 2009 has become the Solar System's longest continuously observed thunderstorm. It broke the record duration of 7.5 months set by another thunderstorm observed on Saturn by NASA's Cassini spacecraft between November 2007 and July 2008.

International: 9/11 weather forecast

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A rain storm on the East Coast is producing plenty of rain from New Jersey to southern New England for this morning's 9/11 remembrance ceremonies.

Weather Computer: 69.7 trillion calculations/second

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Recently we ran a story about NIWA's new supercomputer - but here's a weather computer that's more than twice as fast - processing an unbelievable 69.7 trillion calculations per second.  America's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ) (America's version of "NIWA") has completed implementation of the final phase of a nine year, $180 million contract by installing the newest generation of IBM supercomputers for weather and climate prediction.

Hurricane Fred now a major hurricane

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The second hurricane of the Atlantic season formed yesterday afternoon NZT and this morning Hurricane Fred rapidly strengthened into a Category three storm with with winds averaging 185km/h.

Tropical Storms Fred & Linda

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Tropical Storm Fred has strengthened today and as of 11 am ET top winds were near 115kmh. Fred is located southwest of the Cape Verde Islands in the far eastern Atlantic Ocean. It is moving west at 30km/h and additional strengthening is likely.

Fred has the potential to become a hurricane later today or Wednesday.

Fred is not expected to threaten any land masses.

What's happening in the tropics?

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The Atlantic Hurricane season was late to form then quickly burst in to life...but almost as fast as it began, it seems to have abruptly stopped.

For several days now lows have been forming off the coast of Africa but have fizzled completely before turning into a tropical storm.  

Hurricane Jimena approaches Mexico

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Tonight NZT Hurricane Jimena was located west-northwest of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Maximum sustained winds have lowered to near 180km/h, which is still very strong, making Jimena a low-end category 3 hurricane. Jimena should continue to gradually as it interacts with land and with cooler waters off the western Baja coast.

Storms on both sides of North America

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Tropical Storm ERIKA...

Tropical Storm Erika formed in the Atlantic late on Tuesday. Erika is centered east of the northern Leeward Islands. Maximum sustained winds are 80km/h and has become nearly stationary. It should resume a WNW movement later tonight. Tropical storm watches have been issued for the northern Leeward Islands. Residents of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico will have to watch this system carefully. Even if Erika remains a tropical storm, it could be capable of producing heavy rain and widespread flooding.