Global warming: Regions at risk

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Bangladesh People living in the flood-prone delta nation are feeling the full force of climate change. Frequent flooding wipes out crops, spreads disease and destroys homes.

Sudan Rising temperatures are causing the Sahara Desert to expand, eating into the farmland on the edge of the wastelands and causing immense pressure for food.

Ida weakens

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Some Gulf Coast residents in the USA hunkered down at home and in shelters today, while others ventured outside to watch the approach of a rare late-season tropical storm that brought the potential for high winds, flooding and up to 200mm of rain in some places.

Kilimanjaro and the thaw

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The snows of Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest mountain in Africa - may soon be falling on bare ground following a study showing that its ice cap is destined to disappear within 20 years, due largely to climate change.

Emergency in place for Ida

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A state of emergency has been declared in Louisiana ahead of Hurricane Ida.

'Ida' hits Category 2

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Hurricane Ida strengthened to a Category 2 storm yesterday as it churned in the Caribbean with winds of 160 km/h.

By late morning, the storm was about 100 kilometres offshore from Cancun, Mexico, and was moving north toward the Gulf of Mexico, where officials issued a hurricane watch for coastal Louisiana and Mississippi.

Saturday Feature: Tropical cyclones

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Tropical cyclones are revolving storms that begin in the tropics. Storms of this type are called hurricanes in the North Atlantic and eastern Pacific and typhoons in South East Asia and China.

World Weather: On this day in history

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Winds gust to 162km/h at the Hook of Holland in the Netherlands, the strongest non tornadic gust ever recorded in the Netherlands.

Weather bomb hitting Canada

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 Head Weather Analyst Philip Duncan has just got in touch with this info...

"Just thought u might be interested to know that a Weather Bomb is hitting Vancouver – air pressure has dropped 35hpa in 24 hours. 100mm of rain for Vancouver Island and 70cms of snow forecast for Whistler (where I’ll be this time next week!)" 

Melbourne Cup weather

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It's a big day at Flemington today and our pick is for a breezy day and a coolish one with a high of around 19 or 20 degrees ( cooler compared to yesterday as it was very hot in Victoria).

There is a chance of a shower or 2 with the winds coming in from the west or southwest, otherwise partly cloudy conditions seem to be the order of the day.

Ice melt easing?

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Apparently last summer, the ice melt in Antartica was at a 30 year low...