Yasi nears landfall, gusts over 200kph recorded

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Winds continue to build in coastal parts of North east Queensland with some online weather stations losing their anenometers as a result of severe winds.Peak gusts were clocked at 200kph on islands near the Coral Reef before losing power.

#YASI: Waves the height of street lights coming

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"The scenes following this cyclone will be horrific"

Waves 12 metres high, roughly the height of street lights, and a storm surge of 2 metres are going to combine to create massive coastal flooding in the hours ahead for the 200km stretch of Queensland coast when Intense Tropical Cyclone Yasi finally moves in.

The storm is just hours away.

Much of the area predicted to be hit by Yasi directly is low lying and serious flooding is going to destroy some coastal communities - possibly entire communities - as a cyclone that Australian's have never witnessed before begins to move in.

Cat 5 Yasi closing in on Queensland - landfall location shifts (+Maps)

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Destructive Tropical Cyclone Yasi is closing in on Queensland's coastline, now just 400kms away with winds picking up and clouds thickening.  The storm is travelling towards the coastline at 35km/h.

Cyclone Yasi similar to Hurricane Katrina

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Monster Cyclone Yasi is closing in on the Queensland Coast with her outer feeder bands now pushing over land.

The storm has strengthened significantly in the past 24 hours and currently has a similar to strength to Hurricane Katrina shortly before she made landfall.

Yasi becomes destructive Cat 5 monster

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Destructive Tropical Cyclone Yasi has this morning reached Category 5 status with brutal winds averaging 215km/h and gusts now almost hitting 300km/h (295).

As predicted by last week Yasi could potentially hit Category 5 strength - the highest category with winds up to 300km/h. head weather analyst Philip Duncan says Yasi will cause widespread destruction. to cover Yasi with 'live' updates

Filed in: has this evening announced that it will cover Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi's movements on to the Australian coast Wednesday night with live updates, just as it did for Wilma here in New Zealand.

"Phenomenal Seas" as Cyclone Yasi heads towards Australia (+Maps)

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi continues to push out into the open waters over the Coral Sea as it races towards Cairns and the Queensland Coast.

The cyclone continues to track in a westerly direction but should start to take a slightly more south west direction overnight tonight.

Cyclone Yasi has potential to be biggest ever for Queensland: Premier

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Severe tropical cyclone Yasi is quickly gaining strength as it roars towards the Queensland coast, ahead of major evacuations that involve entire suburbs. says the cyclone may even be stronger than Wilma, which peaked as a Category 4 cyclone shortly before weakening as it moved over New Zealand waters.

Thousands warned to evacuate as major cyclone heads to Queensland

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Tropical Cyclone Yasi is now a severe Category 3 reports

The cyclone is expected to intensify as it moves west over the Coral Sea, becoming a Category 4 before making landfall late on Wednesday or early on Thursday.

Damaging winds are expected to develop about coastal and island communities between Cooktown and Yeppoon Wednesday morning.

Cyclones ease but heat intensifies in Oz

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Australia is seeing more turbulence this week however former Cyclone Bianca in Western Australia is now a depression and Cyclone Anthony in Queensland is sitting as a category one. Last night Anthony came ashore with strong winds and heavy rain and cutting power to 10,000 homes on the North Queensland coast.