Stifling dust bad omen for future

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CANBERRA - The vast dust clouds driven by violent storms that turned the skies of New South Wales and Queensland red yesterday may be a harbinger of things to come.

Weather forecasters are predicting another storm front for tomorrow, and warn that an emerging El Nino and land dehydrated by a decade of drought could produce a series of storms ripping topsoil from Australia's fragile interior.

Red dust envelopes south Queensland, Brisbane

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A dust storm has engulfed southern Queensland, causing traffic delays, raising health concerns and cancelling horse racing. reader Neil, from Gympie, says the dust storm has just arrived.  "We can see a max of about 2 to 300 metres and of course the sun has completely gone".

"I can taste a gritty sensation in my throat and I can smell the dirt.  It has come up from Brisbane and is moving east and north".

Sydney dust storm stops NZ flights + Eyewitness report from Sydney

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An eerie scene from Sydney this morning. Image / Getty, is reporting four Air New Zealand flights to Sydney were turned back this morning due to red dust storms blanketing the city.

Aussie hit by extreme weather; storm moving towards NZ

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One large low is creating two completely different weather extremes over Australia and the storm now has it's sights set on New Zealand.

Wild weather yesterday uprooted hundreds of trees and damaged property and crops across South Australia.  Hail was so heavy it dented car bonnets and roofs and damaged sunroofs says

A taste of what we're about to get?

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South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania will need to batten down the hatches next week, as low pressure systems line up to batter the southeast.

It will begin on Monday, as a complex low pressure system sweeps into the Bight. Northerly winds will begin to strengthen over South Australia as a secondary low feeds south into a deeper system. The combination will drive increasingly strong winds ahead of it.

A look at Oz

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Cairns:         Partly Cloudy. 30

Brisbane:     Some rain at times. 29

Sydney:       Mainly sunny. 19

Canberra:   A few showers. 11

Melbourne: A shower or 16

Shortest day weather in Oz

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Darwin Sunny 31

Cairns  Mostly sunny 27

Brisbane  A few showers 21

Sydney  A shower or two 17

Canberra  Showers 15