Tasmania soaks through record rain

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Northern parts of Tasmania have seen huge rainfall amounts in the last 48 hours, some places breaking long term records.

In 24 hours to 9am on Thursday, Scamander in the island's northeast, recorded 278mm making it the wettest day in at least 26 years. Further rain fell to 9am on Friday taking the two day total to 349mm, which is around 7 times the average for the month.

LIVE WEBCAM showing Brisbane River in flood

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Check out the BEFORE and AFTER images taken from where the live Brisbane River flood webcam is located (see below).

The live streaming webcam of the Brisbane River was showing trees, buildings and other debris floating down river at the height of the flood.

The camera is no longer operational.

BELOW:   Before and AfterClick the image below for a larger version

Now it's Southeast Australia in the stormy firing line

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Over the past few days much of Victoria and Tasmania have been struck with heavy rain, severe storms and strong winds, but the worst is yet to come according to

Flooded valley 'a war scene'

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Flooding has left a valley to the west of Brisbane looking like a war zone with Australian troops steeling themselves for expected 'terrible outcomes' as they move into the devastated area.

In one small town at least 30 cars have been washed up against a bridge, prompting fears they could contain the bodies of many victims.

The situation across Australia this morning

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Weather conditions are much drier this morning across much of Queensland as sunrise nears says

The latest rain radar shows about 90% of the state is starting the morning off dry, with just Mackay and Cairns seeing significant shower activity. says high air pressure has moved in to help calm conditions down.

Thunderstorms and heavy showers return to inland Queensland

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In the past hour heavy showers and thunderstorms have returned to parts of inland Queensland reports

It's sunny in Brisbane, so why is a wall of water coming?

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Many parts of Brisbane continue to go underwater this afternoon even though sunnier conditions have moved in.  Despite the forecast for much drier weather in the city over the next 48 hours the flood waters are only going to get worse.

Amazing Video: Flash flood engulfs several cars in Queensland

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Incredible raw video from Australia showing the flash floods that hit the town of Toowoomba on Tuesday.

The flash flood takes several cars with it, turning a small stream into a deadly raging torrent in a matter of minutes.

One by one the webcams go offline

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Brisbane normally has numerous webcams to view across the city but today they are almost all offline as powercuts and flood waters spread across the Queensland city. has tried numerous times to access webcams up and down the Brisbane River but so far have had no luck.

Some were still operational as early as 10:40am NZT but have since gone offline.

Heaviest rain in a century now flooding Victoria

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Victoria is in flood mode with some parts copping their biggest downpour in more than a century, and there's much more to come, according to