Thunderstorms and heavy showers return to inland Queensland

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In the past hour heavy showers and thunderstorms have returned to parts of inland Queensland reports

It's sunny in Brisbane, so why is a wall of water coming?

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Many parts of Brisbane continue to go underwater this afternoon even though sunnier conditions have moved in.  Despite the forecast for much drier weather in the city over the next 48 hours the flood waters are only going to get worse.

Amazing Video: Flash flood engulfs several cars in Queensland

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Incredible raw video from Australia showing the flash floods that hit the town of Toowoomba on Tuesday.

The flash flood takes several cars with it, turning a small stream into a deadly raging torrent in a matter of minutes.

One by one the webcams go offline

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Brisbane normally has numerous webcams to view across the city but today they are almost all offline as powercuts and flood waters spread across the Queensland city. has tried numerous times to access webcams up and down the Brisbane River but so far have had no luck.

Some were still operational as early as 10:40am NZT but have since gone offline.

Heaviest rain in a century now flooding Victoria

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Victoria is in flood mode with some parts copping their biggest downpour in more than a century, and there's much more to come, according to

Sunshine returning to parts of Sunshine State

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Weeks of torrential rain is coming to a temporary end across some parts of Queensland predicts

The weather news authority says Brisbane in particular is looking much drier over the next week however it's what happens upstream that really matters - and the forecast there isn't so flash. provides Queensland service for NZers

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Due to the large number of New Zealanders who have family, friends or simply a strong connection with Queensland and Brisbane, has today launched a regular Queensland service.

Australian live Rain Radar and Lightning Tracker

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Watch conditions unfold around Australia with this live rain radar and lightning tracker.

Unlike New Zealand, Australia's government forecaster provides free access to the latest rain radar images which is why we provide a link to it.

The combined lightning tracker and rain radar service is provided by our Australian weather partners Weatherzone.

Click the map below to activate.

Exclusive interview with Kiwi living in Gympie, Queensland

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New Zealander Neil Schierning is right in the heart of the flooding in Queensland.  He lives in the town of Gympie, 160kms north of Brisbane.

Mr Schierning has lived in the area for 4 years, his wife Sue for 9 years and they both say they've never seen anything like this in their time there - and neither have the locals.  "All locals and longtime residents say they have never seen so much rain. We had 554 mm in December and so far to date 380 mm in January" said Mr Schierning.

Donate to the Queensland flood relief fund

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The Queensland Government has launched an appeal to help fellow Queenslanders affected by the recent floods. Many communities have been devastated. Some families have lost everything. You can help make a difference by donating to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal.