40 degree heat breaks record books

Timaru has broken the record for their hottest day ever with the temperature hitting a scorching 40.3 degrees in the shade shortly before 4pm today.

The extreme heat, which predicted yesterday, is connected to the same heat wave that saw Sydney climb to 42 degrees yesterday and then record their hottest night ever.

Record breaking hot night ends record long heatwave

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Sydney has sweated through its hottest night on record, the last of the hot nights in a record long heatwave, according to

The overnight low of 27.6 degrees is one degree higher than the previous record of 26.6, which was also in February, back in 1973.

It was still 33.2 at midnight, which is seven degrees above the average daytime maximum temperature.

Rare Image: Ex-cyclone over Alice Springs

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It's not often we put Alice Springs and Rainstorms together - but that's the case at the moment as ex-tropical cyclone Yasi pushes across the Australian desert.

Like an arrow being shot into a watermelon Yasi is going to push at least two thirds of the way into Australia bringing flash floods, high humidity and severe thunderstorms. reader Dale Small sent us a copy of yesterday's satellite image showing a sight that many people would never have seen in their life time - a cyclone looking low pressure system directly in the middle of Australia.

Day after Yasi: delay and despair

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Yesterday was known as "the day after Yasi" for thousands of North Queenslanders.

On talkback radio and on the side of normally busy highways, the phrase emerged as locals stopped to share their experiences of Cyclone Yasi's roaring winds and unrelenting rain.

Heat surges across New Zealand & New South Wales

Extreme temperatures are pushing across eastern coastlines of both New Zealand and Australia this afternoon, reports

The heat - which is all being created by the same weather system - is peaking in Sydney today and will peak in New Zealand tomorrow.

Major flooding in Melbourne as heat wave bakes Sydney

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Major flash flooding has again hit the state of Victoria overnight with Melbourne one of the worst affected areas reports

Up to 174mm of rain fell in south east Melbourne in the past 24 hours, with most of that falling in just a few hours last night due to continuous severe thunderstorms, says a Bureau of Meteorology spokesman.

Cyclone Yasi: Amazing photos coming through of damage

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Amazing photos of damage are coming through in the wake of Intense Tropical Cyclone Yasi which hit Queensland on Wednesday.

The photos have come in to ABC News.

We've reposted one of them, but to see the full gallery please click the image below.

Severe Weather for Victoria again - warnings issued

An almost stationary trough over the southeast is bringing heavy rain and severe storms throughout much of Victoria.

The remnants of Tropical Cyclone Yasi brought large amounts of moisture into the interior and southeast, which enhanced storm development.

A Severe Weather Warning for flash flooding was issued earlier today for all districts.

Stormchaser looks into cyclone's heart

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A New Zealand stormchaser has told how he tied himself to a tree, strapped on a helmet and lifejacket then went into the core of Cyclone Yasi to take pictures.

"It was fierce. Three-hundred-kilometre winds were whipping around, pulling trees out of the ground and debris was flying everywhere," said cameraman Geoff Mackley.

"It was wild. It was pretty incredible for about five or six hours."...

So, when's the next cyclone?

"It's highly likely we haven't seen the end of the tropical storms and this years cyclone season may last longer than April" -