A taste of what we're about to get?

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South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania will need to batten down the hatches next week, as low pressure systems line up to batter the southeast.

It will begin on Monday, as a complex low pressure system sweeps into the Bight. Northerly winds will begin to strengthen over South Australia as a secondary low feeds south into a deeper system. The combination will drive increasingly strong winds ahead of it.

A look at Oz

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Cairns:         Partly Cloudy. 30

Brisbane:     Some rain at times. 29

Sydney:       Mainly sunny. 19

Canberra:   A few showers. 11

Melbourne: A shower or 16

Shortest day weather in Oz

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Darwin Sunny 31

Cairns  Mostly sunny 27

Brisbane  A few showers 21

Sydney  A shower or two 17

Canberra  Showers 15