Australia: Multi-state thunderstorm outbreak expected today |

Australia: Multi-state thunderstorm outbreak expected today

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Severe thunderstorms will strike Australia's eastern states and territories on Thursday.

A low pressure system and associated trough will trigger the multi-state storm outbreak, which will be made particularly intense in some areas by a mix of cold upper level air and wind shear (change in wind direction and speed with height).

The storms will start to develop during the morning in some areas but will be most widespread and intense in the afternoon. 

Showers and thunderstorms are likely to affect parts of central and southern Queensland, eastern, central and southern NSW, the ACT and northern and eastern Victoria.

The most likely area for severe thunderstorms will be in southeast Queensland and along the central and northern coast, slopes and ranges of NSW. Storms in this region will be capable of producing heavy rain, damaging winds and large hail, with very dangerous supercells also a risk. 

Storms are possible in Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra on Thursday and a number of centres could see their first severe storm of the season.

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- By Ben Domenison, Weatherzone