Oz floods peak

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Australia's northeastern state of Queensland begins 2011 facing historic river flooding along many coastal rivers, namely the Fitzroy River near the city of Rockhampton. In Rockhampton, the river has reached its crest at a height exceeded only once in recorded history, back in January 1918.

Queensland evacuations continue

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CNN -- More evacuations were underway in the flood-ravaged Australian state of Queensland on Tuesday as waters continued to rise.

Relief teams continued rushing supplies into the eastern city of Rockhampton. In some of the state's more rural areas, farmers said they were scrambling to send tons of crops out before waters damaged them and flooding made their transport impossible.

City isolated by flood

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The last link between the city of Rockhampton and the rest of Queensland has been cut by flood waters.

The Fitzroy River continues to rise, and is not expected to stop swelling until tomorrow. Water has started flowing into the city's CBD.

Red Cross spokesman Greg Gobel is calling it the biggest flood in living memory.

Australia being surrounded by big rainmakers

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Australia is under threat from more flooding as tropical conditions solidify around the nation predicts

Perth has scorching and dry 2010

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Perth has experienced its hottest and second driest year on record.
The city recorded 503 mm of rain in 2010, well below the average of 868.

Queensland deluge wettest Dec in 67 years

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Weatherzone -- A broad trough and moist onshore winds have caused yet more heavy rainfall over much of Queensland in the last few days.

Snow falls on Hobart's mountains

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In Tasmania's south, Hobart residents woke yesterday morning to snow on Mount Wellington.

A strong cold front which passed over the city last night has left snow on Mount Wellington.

The temperature on the mountain was sitting at -3 degrees yesterday morning.

The Bureau's Tim Bolden said there should have been enough snow to play in for the rest of the day.

Worst flooding in 50 years affects western Australia

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As humid, wet, conditions continue to affect New Zealand, Western Australia is also being hit - but much harder.

Two consignments of food, water and other supplies are on the way to flood victims in the towns of Carnavon and Gascoyne Junction in Western Australia.

The worst flooding in 50 years has stranded the two communities.

Aust: Up to 50 asylum-seekers believed dead

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Refugee workers in Australia are blaming government policies for the latest boat people tragedy.

It's believed up to 50 asylum-seekers died after their wooden fishing boat smashed against jagged rocks on Christmas Island, off the north-west coast of Australia.

Another wet week for Queensland

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Queensland is bracing for another wet week but downpours won't be as heavy and widespread, minimising flood risks, forecasters say.

Emergency services are still mopping up in towns across central Queensland following weekend floods.