Big High dominates this week then stormy this Weekend - but also much milder (+5 Maps)

Temperatures are about to jump up after what has been a very cold couple of weeks of some regions. The weather this week is heavily dominated by high pressure and while Monday is showery and a bit windy the coming week is looking mostly settled, sunny and dry for many parts of New Zealand.

Weather Video: Small but potent sub-tropical low one to monitor

Pocket of rain heavy enough to cause flooding and winds strong enough to cause isolated power outages are possible over the next 48 hours as a small but potent sub-tropical low drops south and pushes into high pressure.

Next week could be stormy at times across NZ (+2 Maps)

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Several large lows are expected to directly affect New Zealand within a week starting from this weekend and potentially lasting until next weekend says

More isolated heavy rain for northern NZ. Patchy rain pushes further south today (+3 Maps)

Updated 9:15am --- More heavy rain for some parts of the North Island today while patchy rain also expands over the upper half of the South Island. The storm in the Tasman Sea remains well away from New Zealand after bringing significant flooding to Hobart, Tasmania, on Friday night.

Australia: Hobart flooding declared 'catastrophe' due to wild Tasman Sea storm

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The Insurance Council of Australia has declared a catastrophe for storm damage in southern Tasmania, as the floodwaters recede and the rain heads to the state's north-east.

The council's CEO, Rob Whelan, said more than 1,000 claims had already been lodged by Friday afternoon.

Weather Video: Big complicated low in Tasman Sea - we break it down and explain

A large low in the Tasman Sea is set to bring stormy weather to south eastern Australia while at the same time drenching parts of New Zealand.
It’s a very big complicated system that is broken

Gales for Australia but what about New Zealand? (+9 Maps)

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With a deep and large low near south eastern Australia expected to produce severe gales there many are curious if they will hit New Zealand too. The system is complicated but can be explained fairly simply when it comes to the winds.

Basically there are three areas of wind:

What does this big low mean for New Zealand? We explain the rain (+4 Maps)

A storm in the Tasman Sea is set to bring a blast of severe weather to the south eastern side of Australia but what does it mean for New Zealand specifically?

Weather Video: Tasman Sea storm develops, heavy rain coming + record wave measured in NZ

The largest wave ever recorded in the Southern Ocean, a storm in the Tasman Sea and heavy sub-tropical rain - just some of the thngs we touch on in today’s weather video.

We cover the big wave captured by MetOcean following a big storm south of New Zealand on Tuesday, we then focus on the next storm - one in the Tasman Sea.

Extreme Tasman Sea storm to blast Australia and drench New Zealand (+15 Maps)

Extensive Coverage --- A significant storm is developing in the Tasman Sea and will bring extreme conditions to the south eastern side of Australia while drenching parts of New Zealand too.

There's a lot to cover so we'll keep Australia and New Zealand weather separate and in bullet points below.