Weather for V8s at Bathurst

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EDITED FINAL UPDATE:  Current condtiions:  Showers have cleared Bathurst however one last band is moving in and may arrive before the race ends.  Thunderstorms are not expected to affect the race according to  Check the radar link below for the latest radar images over the next hour or so.  Temp: 17.

Astronomy fans left disappointed after moon explosion

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There wasn't a cloud in the sky early Friday when Dave Samuels trained his telescopes at the moon, hoping to catch a glimpse of a NASA rocket striking the lunar landscape.

The moon, shown shortly before NASA's rockets hit on Friday morning.

"We saw nothing," he said.

Samuels is vice president of the Fremont Peak Observatory near Monterey, California, which had invited members of the public to watch Friday's NASA mission through its telescopes.

Tsunami confirmed after 7.8 quake

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4:25pm LATEST:
- Tsunami threat remains for New Zealand: Civil Defence says dangerous currents/tidal surges possible.
- Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has cancelled its warning for New Zealand
- Tsunami measured just 4cms.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has confirmed a tsunami has been generated by a large earthquake off Vanuatu.

Tokyo braces for Typhoon. 1400mm of rain falls in Taiwan.

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Tropical entities in the western Pacific continue to haunt and taunt east Asian nations.

With little steering currents in the upper atmosphere, Tropical Storm Parma is stubbornly lingering over Luzon, the northern island of the Philippines.

Collision with the Moon to unearth water

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Wait, what? There's water on the moon? Yes - through the millions and billions of years, comets have constantly impacted the moon. What do comets consist of (among other things)? You got it, ice.


Scientists believe that when the comets have struck the moon, they released water onto the moon's surface. How do we know where comets have struck? Simple - just look for the impact zones or craters.

ANIMATION: Tsunami travelling across the Pacific Ocean

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NOAA - America's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association - has just released this incredible animation of last weeks tsunami as it travelled across the Pacific Ocean.

The tsunami was detected from Alaska to Antarctica with New Zealand very near the biggest pool of energy. 

VIDEO: Samoan Tsunami coming ashore

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Youtube footage of one of the Samoan tsunamis coming ashore.

It shows how a tsunami really is more of a wall of water rather than one giant wave.

Please, give to the Tsunami Relief Fund - donate money by clicking here.

Tsunami Relief Fund

Filed in: and all of The Radio Network stations have joined the ASB in supporting the Red Cross to raise funds for Tsunami Relief.

Major typhoon about to slam Philippines

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There are fears that a major typhoon about to hit the Philippines may become a super typhoon - the strongest storm classification possible.

Thousands of villagers fled the likely path of a powerful typhoon bearing down Friday on the Philippines, as the government braced for the possibility of a second storm disaster just days after one that killed hundreds.


NEW: Air force photos of tsunami devastation

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Photos have just come in to Newstalk ZB of the devastation in Samoa caused by yesterday's tsunami.