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Flash of bright light

At around 9.45 tonight i saw a ball bright coloured light streak across the sky. Was pretty cool to watch. Unsure of what it was.

Yes three of us saw the

Yes three of us saw the exact same thing

Supposed shooting stars

At 9:20 ish I saw a line of just ongoing “shooting stars” in Wellington and it did not seem normal. When I first saw it I only saw one and thought it was a shooting star but when I stayed a bit longer I saw at least 6 more in the exact same line almost spaced out equally, and it just seems really, really weird.

Hi three of saw the exact

Hi three of saw the exact same thing travailing from east to west . amazing sight !

I am a stargazing guide. Was

I am a stargazing guide. Was space X satellites

String of lights

Hi 1st time post as I stumbled across this forum and seen some of the comments on here I know it's the right place.Ok so I had also seen these string of lights.I was amazed by what I was seeing.Iam from the uk and its was around 5.30am on the 25/2/20.I honestly think that they wasn't any aircraft that we know of.They were at very high altitude all in a perfect line.All sempt to be at an equal distance from each other.Along with these flying objects there where 3 aircraft which I think was military flying underneath them but at what sempt to be a lot lower.There was also a gap between these aircraft.May have been a coincidence that they where there at the same time.I also did try to film this but not very gd as it was on my phone as I was just getting home from a night shift.


My husband noticed the same thing this morning and we are in California, USA. He woke me up to come look and I saw it too. Almost reminded me of when Desert Storm was in effect and the news would show the bombs at night all lit up and moving in a row one after another.

String of lights

Adventure Bay, Bruny Island Tasmania. A string of lights as described by many on this post at 10.06pm 25/02/2020.

Line of stars

Yes - a group of us saw the same thing from Bay of Fires, Tasmania on Sunday 23/2 night around 10pm and again last night (Wednesday 26/2)around 10pm. Any ideas what it was?

string of lights

Just witnessed at least a dozen or more star like lights streaming across the sky at app 9.15 pm moving from East to West in sequence and spaced relatively spaced equally apart in distance, this stream was continuous for app 8 minutes . Three of us saw it and sounds very similar to the other reports . I have never seen this ever in my life , quite amazing !!

Startling Satellites

8 Starlink satellites in a row around 10:30pm clearly seen in Nelson. 25/02/20.

Falling star?

About 9pm tonight there was what looked like a shooting star?? Very bright, head towards the monument area here in thames. What was it? I thought stars burned up before hitting our atmosphere?

Mystery of strong of lights resolved Watch it! Just a series of satellites shared by space x.

Amazing! We just saw this by

Amazing! We just saw this by accident at about 10:30 pm in Twizel. Just happened to be looking up at the sky and saw a perfect straight line of ‘stars’ following each other. Was incredible to see!

Phoenix lights

We saw a moving line of white looked like on the orbit of a crescent shaped object, though we didn't see anything other than the lights. But it was definitely not the meteors. We guess a space craft.. It happened at 10:08 pm for some minutes. We live close to New Lynn in Mt roskill.


so last night 24/02/2020 i seen roughly 30 to 40 stars follow each other in a perfect line for about 25 minutes . and had no idea what it could be . at first i thought to myself ' its common to see a star move on its own' but i never seen one after the other continuously keep moving in the same direction as the other stars. ? im stumped as to what it is ?? im from patea taranaki ..

Starts Moving Upwards in a straight line

I saw something I never ever saw in my life .. To me initially it looked like stars lined up in a straight line but when I started looking closely they where moving in a straight line upwards and slowly disappeared as they reached higher point one by one.. Today is the 25th Feb 2020 and it caught my attention at about 10:25pm and lasted till about 10:30pm. I m not sure what it was but I m really keen to know what it was ... My camera was not good enough to record it but to all of us present we were really amazed .. It was indeed a beautiful sight ..


We saw it too! Time was just before 10pm. At first we thought it was a shooting star but it was very clear very visible and lasted for about 2 minutes and we saw that it was probably a trail left by a very big star/comet/meteor? It looked like Santa’s sleigh the line of little stars followed by or trailing a much bigger light. Slowly it started to disappear or evaporate. It was beautiful. Does anyone know yet what it was?


Near waitomo we spotted a series of star looking lights across the sky moving in a straight line. Never seen anything like that before.


Line in sky

Auckland, New Zealand 24/02/2020 around 10pm looking south. There was a line of about 20 objects that looked like stars moving from west towards east. Some brighter than others but all moving perfectly in the same speed, same direction. I have seen comments before and several very unusual things happening in the sky but never this. Anyone an idea what it is?

Night Sky 24/02/2020

I live in Titahi Bay. Just after 10pm I was on my deck admiring the crystal clear night sky. I've seen the odd satellite, but never seen a comet or shooting star or anything like that. I was watching a satellite go over and tracking its path and looked around to see if I could see any more when, to my amazement and utter delight, I saw what looked like a line of 10-12 stars moving very quickly across the sky. They were uniform in size and looked as though they were joined together by an invisible thread. In less than a minute they disappeared heading south. It was truly a beautiful sight to see and I was so lucky to have seen it

Trail of white moving stars

Also from Taranaki, I saw trail of moving white stars. Amazing. Such a beautiful clear night. Was around 10pm

Line of moving lights

10pm a line of 30-40 lights moved west to east over Nelson. Evenly spaced, not high, very clear.

Around 10.10pm in Taranaki a

Around 10.10pm in Taranaki a long straight line of lights, high up moving across the sky. Lasted about a minute until faded off in the distance. Amazing.

Train of stars

I'm in masterton I saw a long line of stars going across the sky the other morning about 5.35am and after the long line of stars about 20 other stars followed slowly and more apart they even came to a stop my son said to me mum looks like spirits walking in the sky

String of stars

I was outside tonight locking up and on my way back into the house I looked up and saw a horizontal row or string of lights passing over island bay in Wellington about 10pm. Does anyone know what it was?

string of lights

just saw a line of 20 or so unnatural lights moving like a train in the night sky...didnt catch the start so could have been more. Just happened to look up toward the west while outside in Onuehunga and saw the lights going from north to south...anyone else? is it the new elon musk satellites i am now reading about???

Northland trail of stars?

Northland trail of stars? Moving through the sky faded away 10:15pm

Train of lights

I saw a train of about 20-30 lights traveling in line in Putaruru just after 10pm. It was amazing to see. It was so clear & they were moving quite quickly. I was yelling at my son & daughter-in-law to come have look but within 1-2 mins the line was quite difficult to see. I was also too late by time I got phone for the camera to take a photo.

Saw a long line of shooting

Saw a long line of shooting stars in north shore Auckland!!! Between 10 pm to 10:20pm !!



Stars in a line

I am in tekapo and have just seen the most amazing line of light like a ray of shooting stars zoom across the sky! Wow

5 Amazingly Bright Flashes North East NZ

Have just returned from garden having seen 5 extremely bright flashes in the north east of the sky. I am in Whangarei North Island on the East Coast plus two very slight shooting stars in a different direction coming southwards. So exciting to watch, it took my breath away, literally, actually!! No flight path, no helicopters.....just breath taking

Slow moving stars

I just saw around 10 stars slowly moving towards East. First thought they may be spacex but they were not in a trail. Wondering if any one else also noticed.

Line of what appeared at first to be stars

lying in bed last night in Taranaki my husband and I saw a line of what looked like stars however they were moving rather fast between 9-10pm

Awesome light show

Was in the spa last night and saw all these lights lining up perfectly, looked to perfect to be meteors. Great light show by Mr Musk, look forward to seeing it again over the next couple of nights.

Train of stars moving through thw night sky 9:41 PM in tasmania

We were enjoying the view of the milky way and leaving the beach in Eastern Tasmania when a train of stars came into the sky lasting for what seemed like a couple of minutes and fading into nowhere. Everyones comments from NZ tonight sound EXACTLY like what we saw.

Strange star meteor like across sky

We are staying in queenstown New Zealand and we went to Moke lake at around 10pm today from looking south from left to right a constant train of stars went across the sky and faded out . Did any one else see it we thought it may of been asteroid belt but they was all the same size and the way they faded just didn’t make sense


Just by 10:20 chatting at front of house saw some line of stars travelling together to some distance... Thn disappeared... After some time one by one stars moving on the same line and disappeared... I think it's must be miracle. I am in Auckland

We saw it too!

Omg we saw it too! I tried to film it but couldn't get a clear picture! We have been seeing for the past few months a lot of things but nothing as amazing as that! Amy xxx

Trail of lights

I just (just after 10:00pm) saw a trail of lights heading east across the night sky from Lake Hawea. I'm guessing, after googling, it was the SpaceX satellites. Quite impressive on this very clear night.

We saw the same spectacular

We saw the same spectacular star train last night in lake hawea around 10pm. we don't know what's about but it was the craziest thing ever seen in the sky in all My life.

Travelling stars

I live in Auckland and its 10.15 on sunday night. I just witnessed the most amazing sight of 100s of star like lights travelling very slowly in a straight line across the sky. It continued for a few minutes then got lost in the clouds.

Starlink satellite

I just saw a line of stars walking at a same pace. After a bit of research I came to know that it was the space X satellite lining up.

String of lights moving along the sky

At about 10pm on 23 Feb i saw a string of about 30 lights, looking like stars, moving across the sky in a north south direction. They were moving in a sraight line, very symmetrical. For about 5 minutes before they went out of sight. Very strange


Dozens of lights traveling through the sky NW- SE in a long line at least 10k long. Spaced out. 10.06pm


Just seen two bright orange flashes which lit up the whole sky above nelson nz. It's a relatively clear night, no rain clouds, quite a few stars. There was no thunder...anyone else see this?


Just saw 5 flashes oh my goodness it was breath taking! I am in Whangarei top of the North Island well 2 hours south east