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Sai on 24/10/2021 1:15am

In Porirua and saw what looked like a white fireball with a blueish tail flash across the sky from West to East around 1:30ish am. It looked unreal how big it was

CJW on 23/10/2021 12:46pm

Lower North Island here, Biggest ‘shooting star/ meteor’ ? I’ve ever seen. Approx. 1.20am, heading from East to West towards Oz. Extremely large, bright & travelling so fast. It was quite amazing.

Miller Dolan on 24/10/2021 1:30am

Can confirm this, from churton park flying towards the south over makara, exact same time as above, seemed like it was underneath the clouds, definitely inside our atmosphere also left a smell of sulfuric gun powder type smell, Either way It was bloody gigantic, was almost going to go looking to see if It landed.

zach on 23/10/2021 12:24pm

just saw a big green ball of light with a green trail fly through the sky for a few seconds then disappear, was in disbelief how big it was

Michelle on 21/10/2021 3:27pm

Travelling out of mana heading north and saw large meteor moving over Kapiti island in a northerly direction . 3.45am

Ad on 20/10/2021 7:48am

Massive white flash in sky around 11.30-11.45pm witnessed when walking along takapuna beach at night last night entry slightly to the right of rangitoto Island

JJ on 19/10/2021 10:03am

Enormous white ball of light stationary over the Waitakere Ranges tonight. Easily 40-50 times the size of the nearest star and much closer to earth.

Andrea on 17/10/2021 5:28am

14/10 – We were driving East towards Hunua at the top of the Bombay Hills and a bright green ball, burning up fast, passed directly in front of us from right to left, looked like it would hit growers field, was incredible!

S.B. on 16/10/2021 8:13am

Flash of bright light seen on Auckland’s north shore facing north. 8.30pm

Gen on 15/10/2021 9:51am

Meteor seen from Christchurch around 5.30am October 10 2022

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