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Susanne on 21/10/2020 8:50am

We saw approximately 50-60 lights traveling north east across Kaikoura. They travelled in two’s and singles. They were all on the same arch/ straight line across the sky.

Rua on 21/10/2020 8:44am

Tonight 21st October looking up to the night sky in Island Bay, Wellington from 9.32pm I saw 9 stars travelling from Southwest to north east. I watched the stars crossing then disappeared. I looked back & there was another 12 or so I lost count. They started off in pairs then single. Never seen this in my life & wandering what is this? What does it mean? & found this page. Hopeful somebody can give some insight?

Gaynor Mowat on 21/10/2020 3:55am

I also witnessed, from Wanaka township at around 9.45 pm, a trail of lights moving west to east. They were very bright. It lasted for quite some minutes.

Michelle on 21/10/2020 1:22am

Tuesday 20 Oct. Approx 9.00pm in Newtown Wellington I saw 50-60 lights in the sky, moving in a north east direction. I checked the satellite tracker and no satellites were going overhead at that time.

i lights were travelling singularly, and sometimes in groups of two. They were not travelling in a direct arching line that satellites travel in.

They were not satellites or meteorites.

The whole sightings was 20+ minutes in length.

JM on 20/10/2020 9:29am

I saw the line of what seemed like stars from Miramar Wellington NZ moving across the sky about the same time in NZ time about 9.45 or do

Michelle on 21/10/2020 1:24am

Yes, i saw them too. Amazing 😉

cezar nicolescu on 20/10/2020 9:20am

about 9.45 pm above Invercargill i seen stright line of light

Luke on 20/10/2020 8:54am

About 10 mins ago roughly around 7.45pm I seen a string of shooting stars in a perfect straight line…would of at least 15 of them…very strange! In penrith sydney Aus…

joanne shaw on 18/10/2020 6:43pm

Last night 19th October app. 135am a huge possibly shooting star with massive long tail shot from east to west over the sky…I thought it looked like a comet like I’ve seen in photos. I have seen many shooting stars and this looked 20 times the udusl size with huge long trail…amazing

Monique Stevenson on 19/10/2020 6:11pm

I saw it too. Such a treat! I’m on Great Barrier

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