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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)


shooting star/meteor

Saw a flash of white light traveling east to west over Seatoun/Miramar Wellington on 17th September, after 9pm, very low in the sky & very bright.

Glowing Orb UK 17 September 2019 20.20...Wow!

17 September 2019 Seen 20.20 Watching the skies just after twilight, when I was amazed to see a bright yellow/orange ball of light cross my path of vision from left to right in a graceful curve...the speed was remarkable, in that it took only a second or two to pass and resembled most closely a "wish lantern" in motion yet there was no breeze at all and it followed a clearly defined path. Far too fast for a plane or the ISS, yet too smoothly slow for a meteor. I have never experienced anything so exhileratingly exciting in all my years of "looking up" and am truly in awe. Although the skies were partially clouded, the intensity of this orb was constant, almost seeming nearer to me than the skies canopy. Intrigued by this most magical sight, and would love to know more!

Meteor, or something

Saw a large meteor looking south from Wellington, it traveled east to west. Had a long tail was the brightest shooting star I have ever seen. Was around 930 to 945 pm


9.36pm heading east to west 3 second fireball witnessed through the light cloud from kapiti coast heading south to Wellington. About the same level as constellation as the southern cross at that time.

2140hrs meteor heading west

2140hrs meteor heading west over wellington with a long fiery tail, it appeared to break up


Just saw what looked like a comet 9:37pm September 17, 2019, travelling low in the night sky east to west, north of Maori Hill DUNEDIN, very bright and fast biggest I have ever seen.


At 1137 tonight my partner and I saw two extremely bright red orbs in the sky, they were still for almost a minute, the one went up and disappeared, the other one remained, the shot sideways and dissappeared also. We are both pretty shaken and unable to make sense of we've just seen. Any input to regain some logic would be most appreciated. L&E Queenstown LHE

Meteor sighting

Just saw a meteor 10 mins approx 8:17pm , Mt Roskill , looked like it broke up as it closer to the ground , flaming too , looked like it was close to Mount Eden from where i was looking from Princes Ave.

I saw an orangish meteor thingy on 14/09/2019

I just saw an orange coloured meteor over the skies of Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. This was at 19:36ish and was very bright. It came and went suddenly. I was sooooo surprised and it is really the most wonderful thing I have ever seen.

7pm ish tonight light low in

7pm ish tonight light low in sky west to east

Fiery streak

Long Island ny 9:38 pm. Shooting fiery comet like streak across the sky traveling northeast to west

Fiery streak

I seen it to it was so pretty


I saw this very long orange firey tailed comet it would travel a certain distance then change direction then stop turn green then disappear and i saw many around 5 it was extremely weird and I haven't seen anything like that before. The speed of the object and wise meant it wasn't a drone but seemed like some UFO object. Seen in Leicester England UK.

September 12th

got decent video and photos tonight of some wild stuff in the clouds

Entre 01:50 a 02:00 horas da

Entre 01:50 a 02:00 horas da madrugada Horário de Brasília 12/09/2019 ,Sou De uma cidade Que se chama Sete Lagoas No Estado De Minas Gerais No Brasil,Eu Estava Deitado em Minha Cama ouvindo música, olhei para a janela e vi o céu todo branco aí em 1 segundo isso desapareceu foi uma luz muito forte que o céu estava todo branco, não era trovões ou relâmpagos por que aqui está muito calor e não tem nenhuma chance de ter chuva ,fiquei assustado na hora que vi isso

Sonic boom over South Taranaki

It was too cloudy and rainy to see but a sonic boom was heard over South Taranaki around 1:15pm yesterday.


I was driving into Nelson at 1245 along Waimia Rd just before the lights when I saw fire burning in the sky it was a flash of flame then it was gone.


Seen today just after 1pm while driving from Richmond to Nelson. Very bright even against the sunny sky with a main burning head and a couple sparking trails falling off to the side. Moving at a tremendous speed from overhead to the horizon in a split second! Thanks for the awe inspiring show Mother Nature!

Bright something in the sky

Just after 1pm today I saw a very bright flash between a gap in the clouds looking west over the top of Kapiti island. It left a smoke trail in the sky for several minutes that I managed to point out to my wife. zim happy to see I was not the only one.


About 1pm today, heading east. We are in Golden Bay. It was huge! Massive long tail and a burning ball. Shot upwards and then sharp trajectory down eastward. It left a huge trail of what looked like smoke in the sky.

meteorite? today

Heard, from Onekaka (near the Mussel Inn) NZ , just after 1pm. Sounded like loud thunder. My daughter and I had just pulled a large bull calf from a heifer. We christened him "Thunder" but later realised we'd have to amend that to "Meteorite".

Something from space seen from West Coast

Seen today about 1pm driving from Atarau towards Reefton on West Coast. Large long cloud, then spark at the head, then large fireball before 'disappearing'.


Saw the same thing in Nelson at 13:05 today.


Seen meteor near Blenheim/ Tasman around 1pm

Meteor sighted from

Meteor sighted from Brightwater, Tasman, Nz @ 1.04 pm heading north east. Orange burning with long intense white tail. Less than one second view time.

Big bang in Taranaki

Many people from Waverley to north of Hawera have been talking about a large bang at around 1.14pm today 09/09/19. I also heard it

I seen it as well

I seen it as well

shooting star?

Did anyone see this morning(8/sept/2019) at 5.45am a falling star over Gloucestershire? It had parts falling off it and then these parts burnt out yet the main star kept burning until it was out of sight. At first I thought it was a falling plane or satalight crashing to earth.

Potential Meteorite Sighting

I just saw the something quite similar at around 13:30pm in Nelson NZ. A long bright trail in the sky, followed by a bright flash of light. The whole thing only lasted a second.

Meteor or Shooting star Not sure?

Good Morning I live in a small village outside Dorchester Dorset. On my way to work this morning near Furzebrook Wareham at approx. 5:50am I witnessed a Huge Meteor or shooting star that lit up the sky burning in the sky for at least 10seconds or more it burnt a section off then a few seconds later again something burnt off it then a further 3rd time again looked like something burnt off it it was huge then dissipated. Ill be honest with you I've seen lots of shooting stars before but this was by far the most incredible sight in the sky I have ever seen it was huge and broke off 3 times amazing to see I just hope someone out there can confirm what I may have saw this morning on the Sunday 8th September near Wareham Furzebrook skies.

I think I saw it. This

I think I saw it. This morning 9sept 2019 at 5.45 am in Gloucestershire uk. It didn't really look like a shooting star though. At first I thought it was a plane or a satalight on fire falling to earth. There were parts falling off it and bursting into flames before going out really quickly. This light was so bright and big I was waiting for impact


I saw the same thing in newport South Wales this morning it was not a shooting star. I just come off nights so thought I was seeing things. But after reading this it's bang on time and description. Thanks for writing this it was an amazing sight.

Bright red glow illuminating in the sky

August 5 2019 time is 1:10 am , I live in south sanfrancisco California , there is a bright reddish orange glow in the northern area of the sky , I have noticed this same glowing area of the night sky for the past 2 years , it has grown in size and is accompanied by a high pitched buzzing sound , my neighbors have been observing this aswell , this redish Orange glow and buzzing sound accur on cloudy /foggy nights , the glowing area of the sky slowly approaches from the northeastern area of the sky similar to the way the sun rises and sets , dogs begin barking when this event begins , as I explained this has been happening only when cloudy and it's always around the same time , ?

Blue Green ball with tail over western Skye, seen from Peninsula

Wondered what the blue green light was traveling fast over the western sky?

Meteor sighting East of Waipara

Was driving truck back to Darfield from Rotherham in truck and just as I was coming into Waipara descending before the railway lines seen a green fireball looking with a small tail and then it disappeared it was around 2128hrs 31/08/19

Splitting meteor Gisborne

Saw an orange meteor? Split in two over Gisborne city travelling south and southwest. Approximately 8pm 290819

Bright meteor over Whangarei NZ

Just saw a bright meteor explode east of WHANGAREI. Anyone else see it?

Bright object

Saw a strange thing. Too slow to be a shooting star, too fast for an aeroplane. Driving south on state highway 2 near Riverstone Terraces in Upper Hutt. Obejct was small, no tail, orange in colour, witnessed by both my husband and eye and was travelling south and heading what appeared to be down? Clear starry night, 9pm. 27/08/2019

Bright orange light

Bank holiday evening around 9.15 I was sitting outside, I happened too look up and seen a ball of orange light falling diagonally. It was amazing!!

Light in the sky

A bright light fell from the sky at 10:10 pm was fast and left a trail as it fell


Just saw a meteor pass over Te Awamutu, Waikato. Cloudy here, but lit up the sky! Was a white-ish colour.

From Bombay looking south

Just saw a huge white fireball comming down at a very steep angle toward west

19/08/2019 Kingston, Wellington.

Saw and videoed/photographed a meteor last Monday. Took about 3-5 minutes to past along the horizon. Amazing!

Red fireball

6:20ish PM east from Palmerston North. Bright red light in early evening sky that varied in intensity. It appeared stationary but then exploded with various fragments streaming across the sky.

Red light that turned into shower of sparks

Outside the fish and chip shop tonight and saw what looked like a red glowing star. Took a few photos, before it became bright white and exploded like a small firework! Pretty cool to witness.

Can I see the video

Can I see the video please?!

Yep we saw that one. Very

Yep we saw that one. Very impressive

weird light

there is this weird flashing red/white/blue-ish light in the sky that kind of looks like a plane but itsnt coming any closer. it was moving for probably a good 20 minutes upward into the sky at a fairly fast speed but now its kind of slowed down and will do what looks like a little 360 in the sky and then continues upward. it flashes in a man-made kind of light way and is kind of bright, sometimes it will do a bright red flash or a bright white flash like a plane light but it definitely isnt a plane. i do not believe in UFO's or aliens or anything like that so i was thinking more along the lines of satellite, meteor, star or another satellite sort of thing. i do remember going to a space night school trip when i was about 10 and we were shown a moving light similar to this (but more red than white and moved faster and less flashy) and was told it was space poo/junk...something along the line of stuff astronauts got rid of in space...i dont know. can any one help, im fascinated by it and want to know what it is! :) maybe its just a bright night star and the atmosphere is making it flash and be bright and my brain is thinking its moving??? i random!!!! 10:36-11:07pm NZ dunedin, 22/08/2019

Red glowing light..Palmerston North

Palmerston North - About 9:30pm on Mon 19thAug, was outside calling for my cat and saw a light/orb looking just like a flare moving across the sky above my house. Watched it till it got so far away the I could not see the glow anymore. When I saw it, it seemed too close to be a satellite and the very red glow would be so bright then very faint, not at all like a flashing but exactly like coals glow when you blow on them. And it moved across the whole sky not upward but across. Strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Will be watching the skies more from now on.

Unknown object

I was driving on a back road in Sylvania, GA when I see an object that appeared to be on fire falling to the ground. The color was odd, not the normal color of fire. The object looked to be 18-24" long. I lost visibility behind the trees. I do not know if it caught any trees or the woods on fire.