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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)


AJ on 4/06/2020 9:45am

Spotted a meteor from Gulf Harbour looking North over the Hauraki Gulf heading down.

Heather vargas on 2/06/2020 9:53pm

2 nights ago seen an “aircraft” go in all directions like zig zagging, it reverses it act like a firefly in the sky then it it s need lij it was shooting out almost invisible fluffy air then random faint clouds stated to appear and the aircraft was still wigging around very odd very odd Lancaster California USA on may 31 Sunday 2020 @ 11:34PM

Anthony Benjes on 2/06/2020 4:47pm

Just saw a green flash in the sky over the Hutt Valley followed by a loud boom. It was beautiful.

Shin on 1/06/2020 1:46pm

Yes, luckily I was driving and the camera record it, it’s the link[]

Jesse on 3/06/2020 6:01am

Nice! Where were you when you recorded this?

Nezza on 30/05/2020 11:20am

Huge bright green light falling from the sky

Fiona on 31/05/2020 10:31pm

I also saw it. Luminous green ‘ball’ very bright, came right over the sky. 11:20 pm 30/05/2029

Linda on 30/05/2020 10:02am

Many flashes seen offshore from Mangawhai Northland for the last half hour tonight and continuing now 10pm. NEW ZEALAND

Stevee on 30/05/2020 9:33am

We just saw a bright orange light fly across the window in wainuiomata Wellington, at 9.25

Justine Lynskey on 30/05/2020 8:49am

Just saw a large orange satellite? Crossing the sky quickly from east to west in kaiapoi, Canterbury 20.44pm. Too high to be a plane and cant find it on a satellite search. What satellite was it? Never seen one so bright before. TIA

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