VIDEO: Spring weather pattern with NZ right up until Christmas

We have three surges of colder weather coming for NZ. The first is today, the second is Friday and the third is next Monday.

We take a look at the forecast right up until Christmas Eve as we track airflows, rainclouds and temperatures.

NZ to miss out on Australia heatwave with temps forecast to hit 50C there

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The heatwave spreading across Australia this week is only just starting but New Zealand looks likely to miss out on the extra heat due to cooler airflows coming out of the Southern Ocean.

VIDEO: Rain clouds gather over NZ, Aussie deals with extreme heat

A low on Tuesday will bring much needed rain to both islands of New Zealand as high pressure over Australia expands bringing a heatwave.
We break down which regions in NZ are most exposed to the warm and wet airflows to kick off this week - then who is more exposed to the cooler changes.
This week in NZ will feel more spring-like with wind

Aussie Heatwave: Much of inland Australia 40C next week, temperatures may hit 50C

Heatwave conditions persist in Western Australia and will spread across the country with record challenging heat.
On top of the heat, sustained winds of more than 30 km/h are likely to keep the bushfire threat high.

Australia: Severe storms hit SE Queensland

Brisbane has been hit by a severe thunderstorm for the second time in three days.

Intense thunderstorms developed over southeast Queensland on Friday afternoon, with multiple severe storm cells moving from south to north across areas including the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

'I'm struggling breathing' - Sydney air turns 'hazardous' today as fires worsen (+4 Maps)

It's becoming more than a nightmare, it's becoming reality in Sydney that the bushfires are affecting the health of Australians.

With light winds in the region smoke and air pollution is only building and today air pollution levels in Australia's largest city hit the highest level possible "hazardous", according to AQICN.

Smoke smothers Sydney again, air pollution levels rocket (+Maps, Photo)

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Australia has lighter winds over the fires but that is keeping smoke stuck over Sydney and other large parts of NSW this morning.

Some areas well inland have air pollution levels now "hazardous" while Sydney itself is in the higher range of "unhealthy".

Clearer skies, cooler air returns to NZ - drier trends return too (+8 Maps)

A cold front on Sunday delivered deluges across the North Island, helped clear smokey skies up and ushered the sub-tropical air away bringing a refreshing change.

VIDEO: Clearer air for NZ, cooler nights ahead, but dry theme returns

We have a refreshing start to the working week with below average overnight lows, more normal daytime highs and dry weather returns to the West Coast after a week of deluges.

Aussie smoke impacts NZ's air quality - clearer air pushing through Sunday (+5 Maps)

More smoke and dust from Australia continues to drift over New Zealand today but a change on Sunday may improve air quality levels around the eastern Tasman Sea / NZ area.

For Saturday the smoke and higher air pollution has slid down to central NZ (upper South Island lower North Island).