Australia: A wet start to autumn for Sydney

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After below average rainfall over summer, autumn has gotten off to a very wet start.

Sydney recorded its wettest month in two years this March, and had done so by just over halfway through the month. By 9am on March 30th 229mm had fallen at Observatory Hill, the most rainfall recorded in any month since March 2017 when 326.6mm fell in the rain gauge.

VIDEO: NZ - Some rain this week & next + Final Australia update on Trevor & Veronica

Heavy rain continues on the West Coast today with a chance of slips and flooding until Wednesday afternoon when the front finally moves into the North Island and weakens under high pressure. Still, the front should bring some relief into dry parts of the North Island late Wednesday and Thursday.

VIDEO: A stormier Autumn pattern arrives this week, ex-cyclone Trevor may bring rain next week

The new Autumn pattern is here and it means more changeable weather and finally getting some windier weather too, after what has been a remarkably calm start to 2019.

The warmer than average pattern continues for another few days with torrential rain on the West Coast leading to some impressive rainfall totals.

Cyclone Trevor now inland but still a 'severe' Cat 3 storm, Cyclone Veronica to make landfall WA Sunday

Updated 5:50pm NZDT (2:20pm ACST, 12:50pm AWST) --- Cyclone Trevor has made landfall as a severe Category 4 storm but has weakened a little to a Category 3 - this is still classed as 'severe'.

It made landfall between Port McArthur and the NT/QLD border around 11am in NT.

Landfall is specifically when the centre of the 'eye' of the cyclone crosses land.

VIDEO: Special Australia Update: Cyclones Trevor and Veronica

Two major cyclones are both making landfall in Australia this weekend and while both are in fairly remote parts of Australia both are definitely worth monitoring with Cyclone Trevor dumping huge rainfall totals in the central desert and then out east over Queensland eventually.

Australia: Twin Cyclones to make landfall, 1 year's worth of rain likely near Alice Springs in 48 hours

Detailed Update +6 Maps +1 Video) --- Two major tropical cyclones will make landfall in Australia this weekend and while they will make landfall in fairly remote places there are well over 30,000 people in the direct path and some major tourist spots too.

VIDEO: Australia - Special Update on Cyclones Trevor and Veronica

Two major tropical cyclones will be making landfall in Australia this weekend, Trevor in NT and Veronica in WA.
Both of these cyclones will be severe and may both reach Cat 5, certainly both will reach Cat 4 strength.
We take a general look across Australia for the next few days ahead, but we also drill down and focus on the specific track

VIDEO: Cyclones Trevor & now Veronica for remote Australia, Calm & a bit cloudy for NZ

Australia now has two tropical cyclones while New Zealand has high pressure keeping things calm. Cyclone Trevor will affect northern Australia for a few more days and may well strengthen again in the next few days to a Category 4 storm.

Alice Springs & Australian deserts to get more rain than a large portion of NZ (+Map)

It's not every day that the long range forecast for Alice Springs in central Australia shows much more rain than parts of New Zealand but that is the case for the remainder of March.

VIDEO: NZ has daily downpours ahead + Severe Cyclone Trevor nears landfall in remote Australia

It’s busy around Australia weather-wise in the days ahead with two tropical cyclones in their area, both hitting fairly remote places though.

Trevor was upgraded to a ‘severe’ Category 3 cyclone on Monday evening by Australian forecasters.