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How much rain will you get this weekend? The latest rainfall estimates (+4 Maps)

The low this weekend north west of New Zealand is large but weak and it's tapping into moisture rich sub-tropical air. A blocking high pressure system to the east of the country is slowing down these rain bands.

Here's the latest outlook by our meteorologists at the Weather Company showing forecast rainfall accumulations in 12 hour segments for New Zealand.

Weather Video: Sub-tropical humidity, rain and drizzle moving in

A large but fairly weak sub-tropical low will drag down more humid northerlies this weekend and areas of rain - some slow moving heavy falls are in the mix but so too are drizzle patches and dry spells.

The low isn’t very strong so the rain bands will weaken in some areas due to the mountains and ranges getting in the way.

Sub-tropics about to bring days of rain to some parts of New Zealand (+5 Maps)

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A low just north west of New Zealand is slowly moving southward, bringing locally heavy rain to the country this weekend.

Northern parts of the North Island will be under the influence of the low pressure system for a number of days and rain accumulation will continue and increase through this weekend.

Weather Video: All eyes on the sub-tropics as low pressure grows

High pressure dominates a large chunk of New Zealand but a weak low over the next few days will help to drive in narrow areas of rain, some heavy falls and some drizzly.

Tropical Cyclone to form north east of NZ, may drift our way (+2 Maps)

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As many of you have been seeing for a number of days now in long range models a tropical cyclone is expected to form in the next day or so in the Fiji / Tonga area. According to reliable computer modelling the storm will intensify as it drifts westwards and may become 'severe' in the tropics - then starts to curve southwards by next Friday/Saturday (+/- a day).

General Outlook: Antarctic air and another tropical low (+Maps)

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Ex-Cyclone Fehi affected many areas in New Zealand with heavy downpours, damaging winds, flooding, waterways contamination, evacuations, highway closures and flight cancellations.

Ex-cyclone Fehi brings heavy rain and strong winds, more to come today (+10 Maps)

UPDATED 3:23pm --- Ex-Cyclone Fehi is crossing the South Island and is morphing into a new system with two central low pressure centres. This is a sign that the storm is gradually falling apart but is so deep and tightly wound it will take until Friday AM to ease significantly.

Weather Video: Tropical storm to make landfall on Thursday in the South Island

We have a extensive forecast covering the timings of the tropical storm coming in, who will have the wettest weather and where the strongest winds are likely to be.

The latest on the tropical storm arriving on Thursday in NZ (+18 Maps)

Tropical Cyclone Fehi will lose it's tropical cyclone status today as the Category 1 storm shifts over cooler waters as it tracks south towards New Zealand. However the storm will retain damaging winds, big seas and flooding rains as it moves into the South Island's West Coast on Thursday.

Tropical Storm Fehi to strike New Zealand on Thursday (+8 Maps)

Sunny and hot weather is dominant across many parts of New Zealand today but Tropical Cyclone Fehi will track southward directly reaching the South Island by Thursday and keeping much of its intensity.