Weather Video: Easterlies arrive in the north, tropics about to influence NZ’s weather

There is a big weather pattern change occurring in the NZ area and it’s all to do with the highs dropping south and the tropics expanding to our north.

Weather Video: Cold Waitangi Day for some + a special 14 day NZ rainfall forecast

Wednesday is Waitangi Day and the forecast will be colder and cloudier for a number of main regions and about half of the country from the south right up the eastern coastline to about northern Hawke’s Bay.

These southern and eastern facing regions in both islands look much cooler with some several degrees below average.

Weather Video: Your Weekend weather, outlook for Waitangi Day and a look at the tropics

A colder change is moving up the country for Friday and Saturday and while some will have a significant refreshing change others further north will barely notice the difference.

Next week we see more hot weather on Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday a cooler change with showers moves up the nation.

Expect to hear more about the tropics now that February is here as lows may impact NZ

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December was defined by rain. January was defined by heat and dry for many. February may be the month of the tropics with several lows forecast to develop over the coming week or so directly north of New Zealand.

Tropics looking highly active in mid February, rain and humid wind might impact NZ (+2 Maps)

It's looking increasingly likely that the tropics will impact New Zealand's weather as we head towards the middle of February with today saying there is a big disruption coming to the weather patterns well north of us as early as next week.

Video: A cool change coming for NZ + latest on Waitangi Day, also temps lower than -50C grip USA

We have a significant cool change arriving on Friday with many in the South Island dropping from the low to mid 30s to the late teens and early 20s, a drop of 10 to 14 degrees for some.

Waitangi Day may be wet for some + Tropics really changing shape north of NZ next week

Easterlies are about to dominate northern New Zealand and humidity levels may be about to lift further as the tropics wakes up, expands, and flirts with New Zealand in the coming weeks.

February Tropics Alert: Cyclone risk north of NZ set to rapidly rise (+4 Maps)

There's a fairly high chance that conditions north of New Zealand in the tropics will be active in the first half of February and while New Zealand won't be directly affected at this stage it looks as though there may be some tropical energy around some populated places.

February's Weather Pattern: A few slight changes coming for NZ plus 14 day expected rainfall Map

February is almost here and many are asking what the weather will do. has been looking at the various computer models and our forecast is for this current pattern to continue - but with a few slight changes.

What stays the same?

Tropics active north of Australia, but not north of NZ - but that may change in February continues to monitor the tropics closely for rain makers now that large portions of New Zealand are starting to dry out. Today Australia has two storms, Cyclone Riley on the western coastline and a Tropical Depression in the Gulf of Carpentaria which may become a cyclone. Neither of these tropical storms pose any risk to New Zealand.