Weather Video: Tropical storm to make landfall on Thursday in the South Island

We have a extensive forecast covering the timings of the tropical storm coming in, who will have the wettest weather and where the strongest winds are likely to be.

The latest on the tropical storm arriving on Thursday in NZ (+18 Maps)

Tropical Cyclone Fehi will lose it's tropical cyclone status today as the Category 1 storm shifts over cooler waters as it tracks south towards New Zealand. However the storm will retain damaging winds, big seas and flooding rains as it moves into the South Island's West Coast on Thursday.

Tropical Storm Fehi to strike New Zealand on Thursday (+8 Maps)

Sunny and hot weather is dominant across many parts of New Zealand today but Tropical Cyclone Fehi will track southward directly reaching the South Island by Thursday and keeping much of its intensity.

Weather Video: Tropical Cyclone heading towards NZ

A tropical cyclone north west of New Zealand is going to transition out of tropical cyclone status and then deepen into a new system as it moves into the New Zealand area late Wednesday and across Thursday, most likely making landfall in the South Island - a rare event but does sometimes happen there.

Tropical Cyclone Fehi forms near New Caledonia - has direct path to New Zealand (+3 Maps)

The Fiji MetService has just officially named the tropical cyclone that formed earlier today. The Category 1 cyclone is named Fehi and should last a day or two with this status. While the waters around New Zealand are warmer than average they are not warmer than where the storm is coming from, so we do expect it to weaken and lose tropical storm status as it tracks south in the days ahead.

Sick of the heat? A big cool down is coming for many!

The heat and humidity is getting to a lot of people with a poll at over the weekend showing more than 50% who voted are finding it too hot or too humid. 

Rain coming for much of New Zealand on Thursday

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January ends on a fairly dry note - February kicks off wetter. A tropical cyclone is today expected to briefly develop near New Caledonia before weakening again soon after and drifting south into New Zealand on Thursday.

You think it's humid now? Early February may be even worse

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A tropical cyclone may briefly develop over the Coral Sea in the next 24 hours then weaken and head towards New Zealand around Thursday.

NZ next 7 days: A heatwave, isolated severe thunderstorms and a tropical depression (+Maps)

There is a lot going on with temperatures several degrees above normal, inland severe thunderstorms and now a tropical depression has formed and is likely to drop south towards New Zealand mid next week.

Deep tropical low to unravel over New Zealand next week (+4 Maps)

A deep low in the Coral Sea/north Tasman Sea early next week will quickly drop south into the New Zealand area on Wednesday, January 31st, bringing rain to the West Coast then spreading across other parts of the country with a very humid airflow.