Southern Hemisphere wraps up a record-quiet year for tropical cyclones

June 30th marked the end of a record-calm year for tropical cyclone activity in the Southern Hemisphere. A cyclone “year” extends from July 1 to June 30 south of the equator (this is because cyclones peak in the warm season, which straddles adjacent calendar years in the Southern Hemisphere).

Tracking Friday's heavy rain & possible flooding (+Maps)

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A sub-tropical low with energy left over from Cyclone Donna is affecting the North Island with heavy rain and the risk of localised slips and flooding.

As of 8am the centre of this low was over Northland - with the bulk of the rain pushing southwards.

Weather Video: Donna’s remnants to drench the North Island

Donna is no longer a cyclone but the energy left over from it is coming our way and a new low pressure system will form north of the North Island and track very close by over the next day or so. It may even cross some regions.

Donna downgraded but drenching downpours coming, flooding possible (+7 Maps)

There is no more 'Cyclone Donna' - the storm fell apart on Wednesday while trying to depart the New Caledonia area but ran into unfavourable conditions to do so, tearing the cyclone apart.

Weather Video: How Cyclone Donna's remnants may impact New Zealand

Cyclone Donna will continue to weaken today as it tracks south away from the tropical islands and towards the New Zealand area.

Cyclone Donna to track close to New Zealand (+4 Maps)

Cyclone Donna continues to weaken today as it tracks south, the air pressure has risen considerably at the storm will likely lose it's Tropical Cyclone status within the next 24 hours or at some point on Thursday.

Another late cyclone forms - Ella may bring flooding to Fiji

We have another late Cyclone forming after the official cyclone season ended on April 30th. Category 1 Tropical Cyclone Ella was just named by the Fiji Met Service.

Ella is not forecast to grow into a big storm like Donna (at least not based on any data today) but Ella may deliver very heavy rains to Fiji and the risk of flooding.

Donna jogs east - better news for New Caledonia

In the last hour Severe Cyclone Donna has jogged a little further east, helping spare some of the Loyalty Islands just east of New Caledonia's mainland. Just a couple of hours ago the eye of the cyclone was directly lining up with the island group. Tropical storms often jog off track (due to the huge size and power of the entire system).

Cyclone Donna tracks further east, better news for Noumea

Severe Tropical Cyclone Donna is now tracking south east at about 15km/h and this slight eastern track is better news for Noumea.

Weather Video: Cyclone Donna’s path towards NZ

Severe Cyclone Donna is passing New Caledonia over the next 24 hours before it tracks further south over cooler waters and weakens. However Donna is expected to remain a small but potent storm as it tracks into the New Zealand area on Friday, then it may pass to the east and rapidly deepen into a new system. Something we’ve called Donna Mark II.