NZ next 7 days: A heatwave, isolated severe thunderstorms and a tropical depression (+Maps)

There is a lot going on with temperatures several degrees above normal, inland severe thunderstorms and now a tropical depression has formed and is likely to drop south towards New Zealand mid next week.

Deep tropical low to unravel over New Zealand next week (+4 Maps)

A deep low in the Coral Sea/north Tasman Sea early next week will quickly drop south into the New Zealand area on Wednesday, January 31st, bringing rain to the West Coast then spreading across other parts of the country with a very humid airflow.

Weather Video: Tropical trouble coming next week as storm heads towards NZ

A storm from the tropics is coming our way almost exactly one month after the last one - and it brings similar risks.

From today until the start of next week New Zealand will be mostly settled with inland downpours developing.

Sub-tropics linking up with New Zealand - but main energy to our north (+Maps)

A vein of subtropical rain extends from New Caledonia down to New Zealand's North Island however the bulk of the energy lies out at sea north of Northland.

New Zealand's risk of severe weather diminishes today as Australia's risk soars (+7 Maps)

For the first time in a week the chances of severe weather in New Zealand is reducing while over the ditch Australia is bracing for a significant storm to kick off the first day of summer on the meteorological calendar, with a potential tropical cyclone soon after.

Another sub-tropical low this weekend, what will it mean for NZ? (+2 Maps)

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This weekend approaching will be New Zealand's second weekend in a row with a sub-tropical threat, but like the weekend we've just had this next low may also "brush" the country with the bulk of the wind and rain out at sea again.

Still, it remains what we call "one to watch".

Special double weather Video: NZ's spring blast - what is coming this week?

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In Monday’s special double video we track Hurricane Irma and the spring blast currently hitting New Zealand with hail, snow, thunder and blustery winds.

The week ahead is looking milder as winds shift westerly and then more nor’west later in the week. More rain and showers are coming though - and more winds.

VIDEO with Philip Duncan: Spring blast for NZ and Hurricane Irma turns deadly

We’re tracking two systems again today, the classic spring blast around New Zealand and Category 5 Hurricane Irma which is churning through the Caribbean.

Firstly, in New Zealand the next two days will see more of the same - rain and showers in the west of both islands with isolated squalls, hail and thunder, most likely on the West Coast.

Hurricane Irma: Powerful storm blamed for 3 deaths, 90% of Barbuda destroyed

Hurricane Irma is battering the northern Virgin Islands and hurtling toward Puerto Rico after smashing a string of small northern Caribbean islands, where at least three people were killed. CNN is reporting that up to 90% of Barbuda (an island Irma directly hit last night) has been destroyed.

Category 5 Hurricane Irma makes landfall, Absolutely stunning pressure drop

Hurricane Irma has made landfall in the Caribbean Islands as an historical Category 5 hurricane (and is still tracking towards Florida) - the island it made landfall on is tiny and will not impact the power of the storm.

A short time ago Irma crossed the island of Barbuda, home to around 2000 people. 

Incredibly, the air pressure fell 50hPa (millibars) in just one hour.