Tropical Cyclone Wilma to hit later today

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"This is a powerful tropical cyclone that has the potential to cause both wind and rain damage" has issued yet another Storm Alert, the second this month and only the fourth in 12 months as Tropical Cyclone Wilma churns towards us.

Head weather analyst Philip Duncan says this storm is going to be more severe than last weekend's sub-tropical low and warns campers and residents in the upper North Island to be prepared for severe weather conditions which include gales, torrential rain and dangerous seas.

Maps (8) showing Cyclone Wilma's affect on NZ

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From high seas, severe gales and heavy rain, some parts of the upper North Island will be in for a rough 24 to 36 hours, while nearby regions will be completely spared, as the strong but small cyclone zips by on Saturday. has all the weather maps showing what sort of affect Cyclone Wilma will have on northern New Zealand this weekend.

IMAGE: Cyclone Wilma - Where the damaging winds are

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One of the biggest complaints we received following the recent storms was in relation to strong winds not affecting everyone. 

It's a fortunate thing, really, that the damaging winds with tropical cyclones only cover a small area - compared to Southern Ocean lows which can spread out over thousands of kilometres sometimes.

PHOTOS (27) - Your Storm Photos

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UPDATED continues to receive weather photos from around the North Island.

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Coastal flooding may be worse tonight for some

Filed in: says coastal flooding across Auckland and the greater Auckland region may be worse for some areas tonight as winds turn more northerly and strengthen.

The weather news authority says weather stations are showing nor'easterlies as being the main wind direction across much of the the upper North Island tonight and in the past few hours the winds have strengthened further and tilted even more to the north. says four things are working against vulnerable coastal areas in Auckland... 

Low makes landfall in Far North with gales

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Winds continue to build in the upper North Island as the centre of the low makes landfall in the Far North and heavy rain moves into central New Zealand this evening reports

The centre of the low has made landfall around the Far North / northern Northland with gales becoming even stronger in the last hour and turning southerly at Cape Reinga - whereas they remain strong northerly around Whangarei and the Bay of Islands.  

The low will bring an increased coastal flooding threat tonight at the next high tide across the east coast between northern parts of Northland down to Auckland and into the Firth of Thames.

We have extensive coverage below as we track this system from the top of the North to the top of the South.

More coastal flooding likely at next high tide

Filed in: says that despite the main bulk of rain easing in Auckland and Northland this morning coastal flooding is likely to return again tonight as the centre of the storm tracks by.

The centre of the low isn't expected to reach Auckland until around midnight - at the same time as hightide.

Unusual tropical air mass pushes across Auckland

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A warm front has this morning passed over Auckland and other northern areas creating unusual weather conditions - instant 100% humidity and condensation on the outside of the windows. received dozens of reports about the "wall" of humidity that saw the temperature rise by at least 6 degrees in just half an hour.

MetService downgrades warnings just 2 hours after issuing them

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The state owned forecaster has quickly revised their rain warnings just two hours after issuing them this morning, reports

At 9:30am the state forecaster predicted another 100 to 150mm for Auckland and Northland bewteen 9:30am today and 1am Monday, however at 11:45am they significantly changed the warnings as the main frontal band passed by, saying Auckland's predicted rainfall is now 110 to 130mm less than predicted earlier today.

Rain warnings extended into Monday

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Torrential rain is setting in across a number of North Island regions and this morning state owned forecaster MetService extended their numerous rain warnings into Monday.

Heavy rain has set in across several regions of the North Island and now winds are picking up too as the low approaches northern New Zealand.

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