Auckland Civil Defence - Tornado update

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The latest information regarding death toll, injuries, road closures, bus timetables, power outages and damage from Auckalnd Civil Defence, issued 11:05pm, Tuesday.

Tornado risk abates but rough weather not finished

Filed in: and Metservice forecasters have this evening both downgraded the chance of further serious tornados following today's likely EF2 rated tornado.

Earlier today estimated winds were averaging 200km/h within the Albany tornado but this evening raised that wind speed to 220km/h after more damage reports came in.

Video: Philip Duncan discusses Albany's tornado

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Philip Duncan discusses the tornado that ripped through Albany on Tuesday with

Tornado winds estimated around 200km/h

Filed in: says today's terrifying tornado which hit Albany most likely had winds averaging 200km/h.

Head weather analyst Philip Duncan says damaging tornados of this strength are fairly rare in New Zealand but do occur every few years.

Evacuations continue in Hawkes Bay

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A further 10 people have been evacuated from coastal areas in Hawke's Bay.

Eight people have been rescued from Mangakuri by police and council four wheel drives.

A helicopter has also picked up two teenage boys from Aramoana Beach.

Central Hawke's Bay District Council Emergency Officer Bruce Kitto says everyone who wanted to be evacuated has now been brought out.

Hawke's Bay flooding "worse than Bola"

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Hawke's Bay farmers face stock losses as rain continues to pound the region.

Federated Farmers said a number of inland farms had been severely inundated and stock had almost certainly been lost.

Farms well inland from Napier had been drenched by 200mm of rain with one station near Waipawa, recording 500mm, its statement said.

Rain easing but Emergency still in place

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A state of emergency was declared in Central Hawke’s Bay District at 7.30 this morning due to the severe impacts of flooding over the past two days in the coastal communities of Central Hawke’s Bay.

Press release from Central Hawke’s Bay District Council

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Central Hawke’s Bay District Council declared a state of local emergency this morning at 7.30am in response to the severe effects of flooding to its coastal communities.

The immediate concern is for welfare of those isolated at the coast. Civil Defence staff located in Waipawa are coordinating the local response with support from regional and national civil defence agencies.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

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All warnings now lifted

Atu: Too close for comfort + latest maps and stats

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Severe tropical cyclone, the fifth named storm to enter New Zealand waters this summer, is going to track very near to the North Island - but not near enough to cause problems predicts

The cyclone, which today reached Category 4 status, is on a path that will see it track close to the North Island's east coast.