Photos (10) - View of storm from above the clouds

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A unique view of snow clouds, thunderstorms and squalls taken earlier today on a flight from Christchurch to Auckland by our head weather analyst Philip Duncan.

"From the ground the clouds look hazy and fairly unimpressive...but from the sky it's like flying into the tropics".

Complete run down of Kapiti tornado

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Via Herald on Sunday -- People and cars were thrown into the air when a tornado smashed its way across a highway in Kapiti and ripped through coastal settlements "like a 737 roaring past".

The tornado swept in from the Tasman Sea and crossed the Peka Peka coast near Waikanae shortly after 4pm, smashing into cars on State Highway 1.

Tornado wreaks havoc in Kapiti

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A small tornado and high winds north of Wellington have torn rooves off buildings, blown cars off roads and injured several people.

The twister hit 1.5km north of Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast about 4pm, police central communications Inspector Paul Jermy said.

Photos (4) Big hail in Waikanae, Upper Hutt

Filed in: reader Melissa, of Waikanae, has uploaded these fantastic photos of the large hail that fell this afternoon.

If you have pictures from the storms and tornado this afternoon, upload them here!

Cars tossed about, buildings damaged, man injured in Kapiti

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A tornado has caused significant damage in Kapiti late Saturday afternoon.

Twitter user @mundens says "Waikanae by cell from friends: Pine trees ripped up cars tossed about emergency services attending".

Hail / Melissa Waikane

Winter storm hits whole country

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A powerful winter storm that has sparked 20 severe weather warnings has knocked down an elderly woman on the Kapiti Coast, caused disruption on the Auckland harbour Bridge and made the search for a Canterbury possum hunter even more difficult.

Thunderstorms rumbling northwards

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Hundreds of lightning flashes have been detected along the west coast of New Zealand in the past hour according to the Lightning Tracker at

In the past 60 minutes the number of strikes has almost doubled to nearly 800.

Get ready NZ - here comes the wind

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Several stormy days are just hours from getting underway as the Roaring 40s prepare to launch themselves over New Zealand starting later tonight. forecasters say conditions will be very windy and wet over the next 10 to 12 days with the possibility of wind and rain warnings.

MetService issues tornado risk for Auckland, Northland (+Map)

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The Government forecaster has issued a tornado and thunderstorm risk for northern New Zealand on Thursday.

High winds in Northland topple campervans

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High winds buffeting Northland have toppled over two campervans along State Highway 12, in the Far North.

The accidents occurred Aranga in the Kaipara District.

Police are warning motorists driving through the area to be aware of the high winds and take care, especially if they are in taller vehicles such as a campervan or truck.