TC Zelia begins to weaken but may reach NZ as "cyclone"

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Zelia has today begun it's weakening process as it races towards New Zealand but the latest prediction from the Fiji Meteorological Service is that it will retain a category 1 status as it approaches the upper North Island later tomorrow.

TC Zelia strengthens o/night but should weaken today

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Zelia remains a hurricane force system early Monday morning while racing towards New Zealand at 46km/h.  The storm strengthened a little further overnight. 

Zelia's air pressure remains at 957hPa, according to the Fiji Meteorological Service making her a severe Category 3 cyclone - with the increased winds in the past 24 hours that now matches a Category 2 hurricane using the US Saffir-Simpson scale.

Zelia's winds average 167km/h with gusts up to 220km/h, reports however the storm is about to start weakening.  The "eye" at the centre of the storm has now filled in according to the latest satellite maps, a sign she is now starting to weaken.

Full details and Map of predicted Track below...

Severe TC Zelia intensifies, races towards NZ

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Zelia has continued to rapidly intensify Sunday while roaring towards New Zealand at 44km/h.  This is significantly faster than Vania was travelling on Friday, at just 9km/h.

Zelia's air pressure has continued to drop, now measuring 957hPa, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Zelia's winds have lifted further with winds now averaging 155km/h and gusts up to 220km/h, reports

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Stormy conditions continue to build for NI

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Gale force winds are now affecting parts of Auckland with northerly gales west of the airport on the Manukau Heads and Awhitu.  Gusts are reaching 80 to 125km/h with strong winds continuing to strengthen across a number of major North Island centres this afternoon.

In Napier winds are now gusting over 90km/h with 70km/h gusts in Gisborne.

Atrocious weather sets in, winds hit 172km/h in Wellington

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Rough weather is continuing to build across New Zealand making for atrocious camping conditions in some regions while hurricane force winds are hitting exposed parts of Wellington.

Heavy rain is currently falling around Taranaki, Wairarapa, Wellington, Nelson, Lakes District and Southland with the heaviest falls in Taranaki and Wellington as of 11:30am.

Severe Thundstorm Warning: Taupo/South Waikato/King Country regions

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All warnings have now been lifted


Filed in: is tonight warning motorists to drive with extreme care on the Napier Taupo Highway.

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning has again been issued for the region - specifically Rangitaiki. believes hail, severe winds and torrential rain could hit motorists with little warning in the coming hour in the area - affecting State Highway 5.

Exclusive Photos: Major damage as Stadium Southland's roof collapses under snow

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Photo's from and NewstalkZB reporter Malcolm Gayfer showing the catastrophic failure of Stadium Southland's roof following heavy snow on Saturday.

Exclusive: House destroyed by squall, 80 yo couple inside at time

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A violent squall or tornado last night destroyed a house west of Auckland City while the two occupants, both in their 80s, were inside. reader Dale Small says his grandparents-in-law were in bed at the the time the violent winds hit.

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