30 official weather warnings cover all NZ regions

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The crown forecaster has today issued 30 severe weather warnings.

You'll see them all in their entirity below.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch in place

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This watch affects people in the following weather forecast districts:

Northland, Auckland, Great Barrier Island, Coromandel Peninsula, Waikato, Waitomo, Taumarunui, Bay Of Plenty, Taupo, Gisborne, Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu, Kapiti Horowhenua, Wellington, Marlborough.

Stormy weather: Will it affect your travel plans?

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Rough weather forecast across some parts of the country over the next few days has lead to an increase in questions to about how the weather will affect airports, roads and ferry services.

While no one can be sure of the exact effects the weather will have on the various travel operators and roads has made contact with a number of organisations to help sort your travel plans across the country.

Latest: 21 Severe weather warnings now cover most of NZ

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The crown forecaster issued 21 warnings Thursday evening as a severe storm roars through the Southern Ocean.

Here are all the warnings, in their entirity, as of 9pm Thursday. 

Detailed list of severe weather warnings across NZ

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Here's a full list of all the official government weather warnings as at 2:50pm, Thursday...

See below for Civil Defence swell warning for Auckland's West Coast...

If this is such a big storm, why a low chance of damage?

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Many people are today asking why such a large storm is predicted to only bring minimal damage. 

Because the air pressure is similar to that of a major hurricane or cyclone we've explained below why this storm is different and why damage isn't expected to be widespread.

Storm: Damage and Travel predictions

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The large storm in the Southern Ocean has generated a number of questions to wanting to know who will be worst affected and what damage is to be expected. is fairly confident that despite the aggressive storm brushing the country damage should be minimal, mainly due to the wind direction.

Significant storm to brush New Zealand

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One of the largest storms on the planet is churning away south of New Zealand with a central air pressure estimated to be in the 950's hPa range and covering an area the size of Australia reports

VIDEO: Proof that unreal NZ lightning photo is real

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This amazing lightning photo was displayed at at the start of 2009 and it sparked some debate as to whether or not it was real.

During Philip Duncan's weather segment on Country99TV the other day the photo was again showed to viewers following a discussion on lightning.  Mr Duncan mentioned some thought the photo was a fake but that he believed it was real, however he couldn't confirm it.

House hit by lightning in Bay of Plenty, large hole in roof

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Newstalk ZB is reporting a house has this afternoon been hit by lightning in the Bay of Plenty centre of Papamoa.

Tauranga reporter Briony Sowden says firefighters were called after a lightening strike to a house through its aerial.

She says the strike exploded a light switch inside the house and created a huge hole in the roof.