North Island: New surge of snow showers moving in

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Don't be fooled by the sun if it's currently shining at your place - the North Island is in for round two with a second pool of cloud, snow, hail and squalls pushing in from the south and south west says

Snow Storm - Latest Warnings

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Snow falls from Invercargill to Nelson & Wellington

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The Antarctic blast sweeping up New Zealand is bringing heavy snow to the Nelson region, Dunedin and Christchurch with a sleety snow/rain mix falling a few times on Sunday night in downtown Wellington.

Antarctic blast races closer (+ New Maps)

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Temperatures south of New Zealand are quickly plummeting well below zero this afternoon as an Antarctic blast races towards the South Island tonight and the rest of the country tomorrow night.

There are numerous snow warnings currently in force covering regions in both islands.

How the Antarctic blast could affect your Travel Plans

Freezing air straight from the Antarctic is about to blast New Zealand bringing snow, hail, sleet, rain and gales later this weekend predicts

As we reported yesterday, snow is predicted to fall to sea level in Southland, Otago and parts of Canterbury with snow to low levels around Wellington and the lower North Island.

Storm blows smashed catamaran across Cook Strait

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A boat found smashed on rocks near Wellington yesterday sparked a sea and air search until it was established the catamaran had broken from its mooring.

Maritime police scrambled a boat and helicopter to an isolated bay on Wellington's west coast after a passing vessel reported the wreckage shortly before 11am.

Groundhog day as thunder, squalls & snow continue

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For over a week now thunderstorms and squalls have been rattling western and central parts of New Zealand and heavy snow has affected the lower South Island - and Thursday is no different as yet another surge of stormy weather heads north.

Snow warning issued for Southland

Environment Southland is putting the word out that snow is forecast to low levels and are asking Southlanders to start thinking of a Plan B when it comes to travelling.

The MetService has issued a severe weather warning for much of Southland with heavy snowfalls expected across Thursday.

As of 11pm there were unconfirmed reports of snow in parts of Dunedin.

Weather Video: Winter storm update and bring you the latest information with an extended weather forecast presented by Philip Duncan.

This video covers the latest squalls and thunderstorms (tracking around central NZ as of mid afternoon and heading northwards for tonight).

Winter storm - detailed rundown on the latest

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Cold winds and heavy snow are expected to continue blasting New Zealand today.

Much colder air was expected to move onto southern New Zealand this afternoon, with snow lowering to sea levels in Fiordland.

Snowfalls would affect all the main alpine passes and also some roads in Southland and Otago.