Is snow going to be the next problem?

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The current stormy weather affecting New Zealand is proving to be almost a carbon copy of the big September storm last year says - right down to the snowy ending.

Latest predictions by both and the government forecaster Metservice show a snowy few days ahead for Southland and Otago.

Storm finally peaking across NZ

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It's been with us for a week now and finally the large winter storm in the Southern Ocean is peaking over New Zealand says

Tornado damages property in Northland

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A Northland woman escaped unhurt when a tornado ripped part of the roof of her house early today.

The tornado ripped a 75-metre swathe of destruction through Kaiwaka, 62km south of Whangarei about 1am, tearing off half the woman's roof, leaving the other half intact.

Thunderstorms arrive in northern NZ

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Near continuous thunder, hail, dramatic forked lightning and a towering black and ominous cloud kicked off the start of a short and sharp thunderstorm over Auckland this evening and while conditions have eased in some areas they are now only just starting in others.

Weather Video: NZ braces for Thunderstorms

Filed in: and Philip Duncan bring you the most indepth video around on the current stormy weather.

Today we look at where the worst of the thunderstorms will be (mostly western NZ between Taranaki and Kapiti) with thunderstorms spreading elsewhere up the west coast later today and overnight (including Auckland).

Thunderstorms moving in

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A large area of thunderstorms in the central Tasman Sea is this afternoon moving in to western parts of the North Island and will continue to do so over the next 24 hours at least, predicts

New surge of severe weather coming

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Thunderstorms have eased today and conditions are drier in many places but another surge of severe weather is on the way predicts forecasters - and this new surge will be more widespread.

Photos (10) - View of storm from above the clouds

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A unique view of snow clouds, thunderstorms and squalls taken earlier today on a flight from Christchurch to Auckland by our head weather analyst Philip Duncan.

"From the ground the clouds look hazy and fairly unimpressive...but from the sky it's like flying into the tropics".

Complete run down of Kapiti tornado

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Via Herald on Sunday -- People and cars were thrown into the air when a tornado smashed its way across a highway in Kapiti and ripped through coastal settlements "like a 737 roaring past".

The tornado swept in from the Tasman Sea and crossed the Peka Peka coast near Waikanae shortly after 4pm, smashing into cars on State Highway 1.

Tornado wreaks havoc in Kapiti

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A small tornado and high winds north of Wellington have torn rooves off buildings, blown cars off roads and injured several people.

The twister hit 1.5km north of Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast about 4pm, police central communications Inspector Paul Jermy said.