Major typhoon about to slam Philippines

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There are fears that a major typhoon about to hit the Philippines may become a super typhoon - the strongest storm classification possible.

Thousands of villagers fled the likely path of a powerful typhoon bearing down Friday on the Philippines, as the government braced for the possibility of a second storm disaster just days after one that killed hundreds.


NEW: Air force photos of tsunami devastation

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Photos have just come in to Newstalk ZB of the devastation in Samoa caused by yesterday's tsunami.

Tsunami death toll could rise - McCully

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Looking back along the south coast of Upolu from the destroyed village of Lalomanu in Samoa. Photo / Dave Leng,

Two New Zealanders have been confirmed dead and one missing, presumed dead. One was this morning identified by her family as Mary Ann White, 55.

The official death toll in Samoa is around 80.

NZer killed by tsunami; more NZ fatalities "likely": Acting PM

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Acting Prime Minister Bill English reports a NZer has died in Samoa according to family members.  Official confirmation is yet to come in however Mr English describes the source as "reliable".

The death is a direct result of the tsunami.

Mr English says "there are likely to be more New Zealand fatalities".

Waves "as high as coconut trees"

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(NewstalkZB) -- The death toll from the Samoan earthquake and tsunami is growing fast with the devastation at its worse on the southeast coast of the Western Samoan island Upolu.

A New Zealand man who has had been in touch with his family in Lalomanu has learned 40 people there have been killed by waves of up to six metres which struck the coast. In American Samoa, more than a dozen people have lost their lives. Local schools and halls in Samoa have been turned into emergency centres.

Reports up to 40 dead after quake, tsunami hit Samoa

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There are unconfirmed reports that 40 people from the Samoan village of Lalomanu - on the south-eastern end of the island of Upolu - have been killed.

A New Zealand man called Radio Samoa in Auckland saying he had been in touch with his family in Lalomanu.

Philippines flood survivors count blessings

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Huddled on the top floor of her home after waist-deep water inundated the lower story, Doranne Lim is bothered by the debris -- and the smell.

Continent extreme temps

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Each continent around the globe faces the challenge of extreme weather and here is a list of each continent's most extreme highest and lowest recorded temperatures.



Peak of the hurricane season? - yeah, whatever!

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The reason behind no hurricane formation

Many people have asked Weather.Com's Dr. Lyons why the hurricane season has been so quiet in 2009.  He exclaims that colder ocean water temperatures is definitely NOT the reason.

In fact, water temperatures are warmer than average across the tropical Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. 

So why, after all the hype in August, have things gone quiet?

Dust storm - exclusive photos from Sydney

Filed in: yesterday received first hand experiences from Sydney and Brisbane as an incredible dust storm blew through.

Over the next 24 to 72 hours forecasters believe the dust will pass through our skies, possibly creating a hazy appearance and for those regions who aren't covered in rain or cloud you may get to witness orange sunrises and sunsets over the next few days.

Take a look at these fantastic images sent in by Australian WeatherWatch reader Shannon Wilcox.