Potential rain for eastern Australia

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There are early signs that some welcome rain could develop across parts of eastern Australia next week.

While a large ridge of high pressure across southern Australia is currently keeping much of the country dry, a rain-bearing system could be on the horizon for parts of Queensland and New South Wales.

Australian cold snap produces heavy snow, challenges some records

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A pulse of wintry weather has sent shivers across southeastern Australia during the last few days. So, just how cold did it get and how does this event compare to past years in Australia?

Every winter has cold weather. Between June and August, outbreaks of snow, rain and brisk winds are to be expected as cold fronts sweep over Australia's southern states.

Australia: Cold weekend ahead for NSW

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Parts of NSW could have their coldest day in two years this weekend, allowing snow to reach low levels along the state's southern and central ranges.

A procession of cold fronts crossing southeastern Australia this week has already brought some welcome rainfall to southern NSW.

Season's rain soaks western Queensland in just one day... but the total may surprise you!

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Parts of western Queensland have received more than two months worth of rain in a 24 hour period. A slow-moving low pressure trough is producing a broad band of rain across central and western Queensland this week.

Australian Government forecaster BoM mentions industrial action in forecasts sparking storm

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The union representing Bureau of Meteorology workers has accused the weather office of gagging employees after they drew attention to a pay freeze in social media posts.

Some staff were including #5yearpayfreeze, #SupportUs and #BoMonStrike in weather updates, in an effort to raise awareness about industrial action over their long-running pay claim.

Australia: Sydney's coast battered by big seas and blustery winds

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A low in the Tasman Sea is bringing gusty winds, big waves, and showers to eastern parts of Sydney.

Australia's cold start to winter

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The first morning of winter yetserday was suitably chilly across a large swathe of central and eastern Australia.

Australia: Sydney CBD to host big air snowboarding festival with 16-storey ski ramp

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When you think of a white winter, Sydney is not the first city that comes to mind.

But this August, the Domain will be transformed into a hub for the world's best skiers and snowboarders, who will compete in a new competition.

They will be flying down a snow-covered, 16-storey-high ski ramp next to the CBD.

Australia has a high as big as the country & it may bring a cold blast to New Zealand (+3 Maps)

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Australians are under a big high. The anticyclone, which has central air pressure puffed up to 1034hPa, boldly covers much of the nation and the centre will remain parked over the Great Australian Bight for the weekend and across next week.

This placement encourages mostly sunny weather across a large portion of Australia for many days to come.

Australia: NSW kicks warm weather as dry run continues

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A stagnant weather pattern will lead to a run of dry and mild weather across NSW for at least the next week.

A strong high pressure system centred to the south of Australia will dominate the nation's weather throughout most of the second half of May.