Weather Video: Very large Tasman Sea low to form this weekend, linger through next week

High pressure dominates both main islands of New Zealand for Wednesday but over Thursday and Friday it slips away and sub-tropical northerlies bringing rain clouds to the west will start to build.

By Saturday and Sunday there may be heavy falls over the North Island then it should slowly ease on Sunday.

Large complicated low may linger for 10+ days affecting both NZ & Australia (+5 Maps)

A complicated area of low pressure is developing today in the western Tasman Sea and will deepen over the weekend bringing some isolated areas of severe weather in New Zealand and widespread severe weather across south eastern Australia.

Australia: Autumn arrives belatedly in Sydney

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It appears autumn has finally arrived in Sydney after the city experienced a few showers and its second coolest day of the year.

After a record warm and dry start to April, southerly winds brought long-awaited autumnal weather to the city on Friday.

Australia: Another April heat record in Adelaide

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South Australia's run of late season heat has broken another record in Adelaide.

The state's capital city just experienced five consecutive days above 30 degrees between last Thursday and Monday this week, which is a new record for Adelaide this late in the season.

Australia: East coast rain and storm update

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Heavy rain, thunderstorms and damaging winds are all possible in parts of eastern Australia this coming week.

An upper level pool of cold air has been causing showers and thunderstorms over parts of NSW and Queensland during the last two days, some of which have been severe.

Australia: Wet weekend for parched Perth

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A pair of cold fronts and an associated low pressure system will cause the wet and windy weather over the weekend.

Australia: Record April heat gripping NSW

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Autumn has been delayed across much of Australia this year, with NSW experiencing unseasonably hot weather during the first half of April.

A pool of exceptionally hot air for this late in the season was drawn across parts of central, southern and eastern Australia in recent weeks.

Australia: What's causing this record April heat?

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An unseasonably hot air mass is breaking April records across parts of southern and eastern Australia this week.

A pool of heat that brought Australia's latest 45 degree days on record in the Pilbara two weeks ago has spread south and is now causing unprecedented April warmth in Adelaide, Sydney and many places in between.

How meteorologists forecast the weather

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Checking the weather forecast is part of most people's daily routine. It helps us decide what to wear, what to do and quite often, what we talk about.

So, how do meteorologists actually forecast the weather and how good are they really at predicting the future?

Australia: More April records tumble as heat targets NSW

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Sydney broke another April heat record on Thursday as temperatures soared across NSW.

An unseasonable pool of heat broke numerous April records as it swept across the country during the last week.

On Thursday, the hot air mass drifted across NSW as cooler southwesterly winds brought relief to Australia's southern states.