Australia has a high as big as the country & it may bring a cold blast to New Zealand (+3 Maps)

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Australians are under a big high. The anticyclone, which has central air pressure puffed up to 1034hPa, boldly covers much of the nation and the centre will remain parked over the Great Australian Bight for the weekend and across next week.

This placement encourages mostly sunny weather across a large portion of Australia for many days to come.

Australia: NSW kicks warm weather as dry run continues

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A stagnant weather pattern will lead to a run of dry and mild weather across NSW for at least the next week.

A strong high pressure system centred to the south of Australia will dominate the nation's weather throughout most of the second half of May.

Tasman Sea low finally leaves southeast Australia, delivers significant weather

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The recent cold front and complex low pressure that swept across Australia's south and southeast led to some very interesting and significant weather impacts, including fires with strong winds ahead of the systems, snow flurries across the elevated areas of Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales, and flooding rainfall to parts of these states. 

Much warmer than average in between rain band and Tasman Sea low (+3 Maps)

A band of rain is slowly tracking eastwards across the North Island and behind it are sunnier skies and warm light northerly quarter winds. These light winds and dry skies lie in between the main deep low out in the Tasman Sea (that has brought severe weather to south eastern Australia for the past three days) and the band of rain crossing northern New Zealand this weekend.

More isolated heavy rain for northern NZ. Patchy rain pushes further south today (+3 Maps)

Updated 9:15am --- More heavy rain for some parts of the North Island today while patchy rain also expands over the upper half of the South Island. The storm in the Tasman Sea remains well away from New Zealand after bringing significant flooding to Hobart, Tasmania, on Friday night.

Australia: Hobart flooding declared 'catastrophe' due to wild Tasman Sea storm

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The Insurance Council of Australia has declared a catastrophe for storm damage in southern Tasmania, as the floodwaters recede and the rain heads to the state's north-east.

The council's CEO, Rob Whelan, said more than 1,000 claims had already been lodged by Friday afternoon.

Weather Video: Big complicated low in Tasman Sea - we break it down and explain

A large low in the Tasman Sea is set to bring stormy weather to south eastern Australia while at the same time drenching parts of New Zealand.
It’s a very big complicated system that is broken

Gales for Australia but what about New Zealand? (+9 Maps)

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With a deep and large low near south eastern Australia expected to produce severe gales there many are curious if they will hit New Zealand too. The system is complicated but can be explained fairly simply when it comes to the winds.

Basically there are three areas of wind:

What does this big low mean for New Zealand? We explain the rain (+4 Maps)

A storm in the Tasman Sea is set to bring a blast of severe weather to the south eastern side of Australia but what does it mean for New Zealand specifically?

Weather Video: Tasman Sea storm develops, heavy rain coming + record wave measured in NZ

The largest wave ever recorded in the Southern Ocean, a storm in the Tasman Sea and heavy sub-tropical rain - just some of the thngs we touch on in today’s weather video.

We cover the big wave captured by MetOcean following a big storm south of New Zealand on Tuesday, we then focus on the next storm - one in the Tasman Sea.